five on friday

one. Two weeks from now I'll be in Montreal for a friend's bachelorette weekend! I've never been so I have no idea what to expect. Any suggestions for packing? Or what to expect?

two. Three weeks from today we'll be moving into our apartment! Can't believe it will be here so soon.

three. It is time to start learning how to discipline James & Eloise. Maybe not even discipline, but teach them not to hit each other, how to be gentle, don't pull hair, etc. They're having trouble listening- which I'm sure most kids their age do! I'm mainly concerned about how rough James has been lately with Eloise. He can't do that in place like church nursery, camp or preschool. If you have any tips, please share!

four. Our 2nd annual Turquoise Tasting event is March 18! It will be at the Duke Mansion, like last year. Tickets are $125 and include all food and open bar. We'll have raffle baskets valued at $1,000+ ($100 for 2 tickets) and a wine pull. Should be another fun night!

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five. We've been making great progress on the designs for the new house. I wanted to share a peek at our master shower plan! It makes it seem so real, I can't wait for it to be done!

by Maggie with Lucy & Co

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