current house: before & after

I love our current house. We moved in here in May 2012. We immediately started doing updates and renovations. Over the past 5 years we painted every room, changed all the doors and hardware, took out a bathroom and made it into a bar, took down walls to redo the kitchen, changed the carport to a 4th bedroom/office with full bathroom and painted the outside.

It has all been a labor of love. I can't believe we're saying good bye to our first home! I wanted to share a few pictures - that were taken by our realtor's photographer - to show what we did!

Living Room
(we had the built ins custom made last summer/fall)

(we had to take down walls for this, so everything is new!)

(in the back of this photo, to the left, is where we took out a bathroom and added a bar)

And for fun... a before pic! This was from the listing before we bought it.

(built this fireplace & added a gate)

(painted the garage doors, which made a huge difference!)

And before:

I'll share more rooms and pictures another day!


five on friday

one. Two weeks from now I'll be in Montreal for a friend's bachelorette weekend! I've never been so I have no idea what to expect. Any suggestions for packing? Or what to expect?

two. Three weeks from today we'll be moving into our apartment! Can't believe it will be here so soon.

three. It is time to start learning how to discipline James & Eloise. Maybe not even discipline, but teach them not to hit each other, how to be gentle, don't pull hair, etc. They're having trouble listening- which I'm sure most kids their age do! I'm mainly concerned about how rough James has been lately with Eloise. He can't do that in place like church nursery, camp or preschool. If you have any tips, please share!

four. Our 2nd annual Turquoise Tasting event is March 18! It will be at the Duke Mansion, like last year. Tickets are $125 and include all food and open bar. We'll have raffle baskets valued at $1,000+ ($100 for 2 tickets) and a wine pull. Should be another fun night!

Displaying CLT TT STD 2017-01.jpg

five. We've been making great progress on the designs for the new house. I wanted to share a peek at our master shower plan! It makes it seem so real, I can't wait for it to be done!

by Maggie with Lucy & Co

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life update

Life has been pretty busy lately! We put our house on the market in early March and went under contract in under 48 hours. Now we're just waiting for due diligence to be up! Closing is scheduled for late April and I hope everything goes as planned.

We are moving to an apartment in April- luckily not too far away! But I can't imagine what its going to be like in a 2 bedroom apartment with twin toddlers and a dog- yikes. I'm trying to be excited. The place we'll be is pretty cool, we'll be able to walk to restaurants, stores and a grocery store.

I am so ready for the new house to be ready...and we are still 6+ months away. I might pull my hair out if I have to pick one more grout color, faucet, door knob, etc. There are so many details and it is so overwhelming. I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it! I just hope I don't move in and regret my choices!

The twins have been super busy and very cute recently. Eloise is trying so hard to talk. She is definitely make syllables and trying to put "words" together. It is just very hard to understand! James is not into trying as much, but does wave and say bye. They both give awesome hugs and kisses. We've started letting them watch a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and they love it. They get very excited for the music and dancing. But their favorite thing to do is be outside. They love playing in the yard or at a playground. Both have very distinct personalities. And I love watching them interact and grow as little people.

photo by Paige Winn 

They are in some 18-24m clothes, but moving to a lot of 2T. I swear their feet don't stop growing. They wear a size 6-6.5! I still like making them match or coordinate when I can, but it isn't easy.

We had some family photos taken by Paige Winn the other week and I love how they turned out! I wanted to remember this house and this fun stage that they are in.


I love how much they love hugging each other. And Poppy just looks on! 

 Hopefully the next few weeks go smoothly- fingers crossed!