five on friday: february 10

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great week.

one. It looks like we may be selling our house sooner than originally planned and I am so overwhelmed by that. Just trying to keep my eye on the prize- the new house!

two. The twins are officially down to one nap a day and have been for a few weeks. So many people said I would love one nap a day...but I don't yet. They used to take two naps a day, with each one being 2-3 hours each! Now Eloise takes one maybe 2 hour nap. James could sleep longer and does sometimes, but tends to wake up to Eloise or wake up to me coming in to get Eloise. It also means it is impossible to get dressed or ready in the mornings now. I used to do all of that during their morning nap.

three. I am still on my organizing and cleaning kick. I hired Sarah from Your Life Well Organized and she was a HUGE help. I can't wait to have her help in the new house. However, I've worked so hard and feel like I still can't see that much progress. We still have so many boxes to go through and so much stuff to purge. I have kept all the spaces she did clean though! And I love them!



four. I had a Belk gift card just dying to be used, so I treated myself to one of the new lip crayons by Chanel. It is amazing! It is not drying at all and stays on for a long time.


five. Dave & I are headed to NYC in a couple of weeks! I have a friend's bridal shower and thought it would be a great excuse for us to get away for a weekend. We always love visiting NYC! This time we are staying at The Standard. I can't wait to see my college friends!

Have a great weekend y'all!

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  1. good things are always worth the wait and i think you know it by now. i am happy for your new house. post a tour so that we properly congratulate you. by the way i love your blog