4 things on a Tuesday!

So getting back to regular blogging has been tougher than I thought!

A few random thoughts to catch up on...

One. My one room challenge is a definite fail. The guys actually showed up this morning to demo, but we didn't have it scheduled so there was no I could get ready for it. 

Two. We have had such a busy few months. I don't think we've had a single weekend with no events since mid-August. We've had weddings the past two weekends. So much fun, but I'm exhausted! The first one was a family one in Orlando and second one was here in Charlotte. I was honored to be in the wedding here. I'm so excited for both couples! I love weddings. 

Jessica & Travis' Wedding


Danielle & Will's Wedding

Three. Dave and I will celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary this month. I'm so excited that we're escaping to Jamaica for a few days to celebrate! Hard to believe it's been five years. 

Four.The twins were so cute in their costumes last night! We had a great time at our neighborhood block party.

Halloween 2015

Hopefully with things calming down (for now) I can get back to posting more!