new house: coming 2017!

I mentioned on Instagram, but we bought a house/lot! We are tearing down a house and will be building a new house from the ground up. I am so excited! I'm trying to be patient with the process, but that is not my strong suit. We probably won't move in until next fall. I hope we will be in by Thanksgiving!

I think building a house is one of the most fun and most stressful things ever. I'm hoping to share the process here as we go, as well as share my inspiration for each room. We have already been working on this since summer. It takes longer to make each decision than I thought. One of the hardest things is that I keep changing my mind about some of the finishes! I had no idea you had to pick out things like bathroom faucets, hardware and tiles NOW, before even demo happens! But you do so you can get accurate pricing. So many details have to be done.

First up, exterior inspiration! We are lucky enough to be friends with Greg Perry, an amazingly talented designer here in Charlotte. He gave us some great tips on how to make the exterior of our house just like we want. His portfolio is amazing! The top left house is one he did.

This is the look we are going for:

new house-exterior

I can't wait to share the drawing of our actual house soon. If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll see all of my boards that I created for the house! 


  1. What a fun process!! I can't wait to follow along and see pics. I've always wanted to build. Although I know it'll be stressful!

  2. Sounds exciting! Those are pretty homes to have as inspiration. You might want to consider having a covered front door instead of having it so open. So often I've wished I had more of a front porch. Especially when hanging a nice wreath on your front door, or you want to place decorations next to the front door that are recommended to be placed in a "covered outdoor area" or when the postman delivers a package by your front door and it's pouring rain and you aren't home to get it right away. Maybe it's just not the style anymore in nice neighborhoods or maybe you just don't fancy that style....Just thought I'd share my thoughts! ;) happy designing!!

  3. At second glance it looks like these homes have a covered front porch, more than I could see at first. So, nevermind! Lol

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