the twins are ONE!

Hard to believe they turned ONE in June!



Favorite Toys: trucks, My Pal Scout, blocks, ball, Laugh & Learn Table, stuffed animals and baby dolls

Favorite Foods: They pretty much eat anything and everything! We have given them peanut butter, fish, ribs, shrimp, etc. Some of their favs: yogurt, cheese, turkey, applesauce, green beans, carrots, mandarin oranges, crackers. We also love Dr. Praeger's foods. 

Clothes: They are wearing 12m and 12-18m PJs and clothes!

Diapers: James is in a size 4, Eloise is a size 3/4. 

TeethTeething has been pretty rough, but Motrin helps. Eloise has 3, almost 4, teeth. James has 7 teeth. 

Daily Schedule
7am- wake up, bottle
8am- breakfast
9/9:30am- nap
10:30am- wake up from nap, have a snack and then play
12:15pm- lunch
1:15pm- bottle
1:30pm- nap
3:30/4pm- wake up, have a snack and then play
5:45/6pm- dinner, followed by a bath
6:45/7pm- bottle and then bed!

June 2016
first trip to the beach
James starts to take a few steps, officially walking in early July! 
starting to introduce organic whole milk
still working getting them to like sippy cups
can say ma-ma, da-da, night night (really sounds like ni-ni)
can wave and sort of clap

Both James & Eloise are so affectionate, snuggly and loving. They love to be held, but are also very into playing with each other, other babies and toys. They steal toys from each other and other babies. Eloise is very serious about her toy stealing, she will grab a toy and turn around so James can't grab it back. Luckily they're fine with it for the most part now! They cry when they're tired, hungry or having their diaper changed. Or if they want to be held. 

They are so special to us and have made this past year unforgettable!!! I have loved being a mom to them!


  1. Can't believe they are a year old! That first year seriously flies by!!

  2. Time seriously flies by!! Love the party details and the updates. :)