Five on Friday: April 22

Happy Friday y'all!!

one. Two weeks ago we had the twins' 9 month photos taken by my sweet friend Erica. She does the best job! I love having this special photos of the twins and our family. I also love how comfortable she makes us all feel. 

two. Last Thursday Dave and I went to Mumford & Sons. It was so much fun! I forgot how much we love concerts!

three. Last weekend was the Girl Tribe Pop Up Shop. elle + j was going to be a vendor, but due to scheduling conflicts, fast growing twins and so much more, I decided to sit this one out. We will be back for the holiday one though! I still went to support my fellow girl tribe and got the twins these adorable tshirts from Pink Social. 

four. Slowing down. Some may have noticed, others probably not. But I am slowing down with elle + j. For awhile I've been lucky enough to be growing and growing. But now I need a break. I want more time with the two cuties in the photo above! More details to come about what all this means for the company!

five.  Lastly...in case you missed it- my office and tips for working at home were shared on Glitter Guide! I do hope you'll go check it out here

abstract cow art

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  1. Darling pictures!!!! Can't believe how big the twins are getting they are So cute!

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous!! I love all of them! Can't believe how big the twins are getting. So jealous you went to Mumford, I've been trying to go for years and now they won't be close again anytime soon.