Five on Friday: April 22

Happy Friday y'all!!

one. Two weeks ago we had the twins' 9 month photos taken by my sweet friend Erica. She does the best job! I love having this special photos of the twins and our family. I also love how comfortable she makes us all feel. 

two. Last Thursday Dave and I went to Mumford & Sons. It was so much fun! I forgot how much we love concerts!

three. Last weekend was the Girl Tribe Pop Up Shop. elle + j was going to be a vendor, but due to scheduling conflicts, fast growing twins and so much more, I decided to sit this one out. We will be back for the holiday one though! I still went to support my fellow girl tribe and got the twins these adorable tshirts from Pink Social. 

four. Slowing down. Some may have noticed, others probably not. But I am slowing down with elle + j. For awhile I've been lucky enough to be growing and growing. But now I need a break. I want more time with the two cuties in the photo above! More details to come about what all this means for the company!

five.  Lastly...in case you missed it- my office and tips for working at home were shared on Glitter Guide! I do hope you'll go check it out here

abstract cow art

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thoughts on thursday: glitterguide!

I am so excited that y'all can FINALLY see pictures of my office! I've been keeping this a secret and hiding the photos until it was real. Tuesday, Glitterguide shared my 8 tips on working from home along with photos of my office.

blue ceiling

Huge thank you to Beth Barden for working with em on this project! All photos by Laura Sumrak.

I hope you'll go check out the article here!

brass bull decor

I will do a whole post with sources soon!

Thoughts for Thursday


twins: 9 months


Another month down! This might have been one of the tougher ones. Teething, sniffles, fevers, ear infections...it wasn't easy. But I know we are much luckier than so many! All in all they were still pretty happy and smiley the whole month.

General comments on the month:
-Diaper and outfit changes are next to impossible with all the moving they do.
-They still love bath time with Dad! And I love it because it is so cute to watch.
-They love pouches and can suck them down in no time.
-Neither likes solid foods or thick foods- like avocado, banana or sweet potato. But if they're pureed they love it.
-We are cutting back on formula because they're eating more food.
-They take 2 naps a day, 1-2 hours in the morning and 2-3 in the afternoon.

James weighs 19 pounds 6 ounces and is 28" tall! 
Eloise is catching up at 18 pounds 11 ounces and 26.75" tall! 

James had his first ER trip and it terrified us. Around 12:45am he wake up crying. I waited a bit because typically if they do this, they fall back to sleep 5-10 minutes later. When he didn't stop I went in just to check on him and he was burning up. He had a fever of 106* and his skin was on fire. We stripped him down, gave him Tylenol and called our pediatrician. They said to take him to the ER immediately. We arrived and were immediately sent to triage where they also gave him Motrin and just rechecked his temperature. But then we had to wait hours in the waiting room to be seen. We finally got back into a room around 3:45am, did some more waiting then saw the doctor around 4:30am. We didn't get home until almost 6am. Verdict: a double ear infection/virus. I think this was my first real scary mom moment. When I saw the thermometer read 106 I knew it wasn't good. I had so many scary thoughts run through my head. We spent the day snuggling and cuddling, I gave him as much loving as I could.

The following week Eloise had a fever, but when I took her in to the doctor she luckily didn't have an ear infection. They are just pitiful when they have fevers and are sick. I hate it!

We had their first St. Patrick's Day and first Easter this month.

They love going for walks in the stroller in the big seats- not the car seats!

Dave & I left them for a long weekend with grandma and grandpa so we could go to the BVI.

Eloise got her cranial band at the beginning of March and has adjusted just fine to it. She wears it all day with about three 30 minute-1 hour breaks. Eloise LOVES to dance. I turn on Taylor Swift "Shake it Off" and she loves it. She doesn't love to crawl, but has a great arm reach to get anything she wants without having to move. She can also sit and move herself in a circle to get any view she wants.  Her smile is the sweetest. She has 2 bottom teeth. She'll eat yogurt melts, but not puffs. She loves putting things in her mouth. Obviously she still loves being held, especially by her daddy.

James loves to crawl- he is fast too! He has 2 bottom teeth and 1 (almost 2) on top. His laugh is the cutest thing and makes everyone around him smile. When we put him in the red car walker he goes crazy- he loves it! He's still enjoying the jumper too. He has had quite a few restless nights with waking up crying, we think it is mainly teething. He is still a momma's boy which I love so much. I hate seeing him be fussy and in pain which has been more this month than in the past. 


House updates

We've been slowly working on our house, room by room. I thought I'd share some quick unstyled iPhone photos! 

The Playroom (plans + inspiration)


Mail center/home organization center (plans here)

Master bedroom (designed by Beth at Design Post Interiors!)

Can't wait to share more when I can learn how to take good pictures with my camera...or just have someone come do it! I love having these to remember our home. I never realized until recently how much I love interior design and decorating.


five on friday: april 1

Happy Friday y'all! I am so glad the weekend is here. The only plans we have are to go out and watch the Final Four tomorrow night. We have a list of house things to do and just plan to have a low key weekend with the twins.

one. Tickets are now on sale for the first ever LungForce event in Charlotte! My sister and I are the event co-chairs and are so excited for this event! 

 two. The twins are 9 months old! I'll have all their 9 month stats in a post next week-have to get the picture done! But I will say teething is tough. James' top 2 are coming in and it has been worse than the bottom two. This has been one of our toughest months.

three. I mentioned in a post that I ordered this DV crossbody from Target. Well it came and I didn't like it. It was way too short on me! But I found this one at Nordstrom this week and love it.
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four. Finding a good pair of white jeans might be the death of me. I have tried on SO many pairs. They are either too tight or too big when I size up, too see through, too baggy in the knees, etc.... I've tried cheap and high end with no luck so far. I have a pair of Paige jeans in the mail to me now that I really hope work.

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I'm going to stop with four today because the twins are up and ready to play!