twins: 8 months

Time is flying. 8 months just feels so old! So close to 1 year. 



  • Both are sitting up like champs! They started this at the end of January/beginning of February
  • James is dying to crawl- he gets his knees up and then just wiggles in place. Eloise is starting to do this too. 
  • They can both roll/scoot enough to get anywhere they want to go. 
  • Eloise now pulls her bibs off. 
  • James reaches both arms up for me to pick him up and Eloise is starting to do this too.
  • Eloise is learning to give "kisses"-if she's close enough to you she'll grab your face and give a big open mouth kiss
  • Both reach for toys lots and grab toys from each other.
  • Still doing four 6-8 ounce bottles a day
  • Loving all foods that are pureed, not too sure about the texture of mashed bananas or avocados. 
  • Tried bagels for the first time- big hit for entertainment
  • They each have their first tooth on the bottom! 
  • They are loud! Both love their voices. 
  • Still wearing size 6-12 month clothes. Eloise was actually wearing a 3-6month outfit the other day. But I've now fully cleaned out their drawers of anything too small! 
  • They take 2 naps a day- morning and afternoon. Morning nap is about 1-1.5 hour and afternoon is 2-3 hours. 
  • Eloise got fitted for a cranial band and started wearing that at the beginning of March.

first time in the wagon

James on the go

first Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day- our friend William's Baptism brunch

more fun play time!

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