guest bedroom redo

Our guest bedroom has been one big storage room since we moved my office and the did the nursery. I'm excited to finally make it a peaceful, relaxing space for our guests to stay in.

My inspiration for this room is everything I wish I had in my bedroom, but don't because of compromising with Dave! I wanted fluff, fringe, tassels, etc. 

This was one of my inspiration photos and I actually ended up purchasing that bedding from Anthropologie. 

I also had to get that lumbar pillow- it is perfect! I found a gray bed at Target and will probably use furniture I have around the house and in the garage for the rest of the room.

I love the idea of having a juju hat somewhere, but not sure I will pull the trigger on that. I love the blue juju hat that Summer did for her bedroom! 

Authentic juju hat - Wall decor feather headdress

A few more photos providing me inspiration! 

A feathery fishtail palm nestles in a bright corner of Elle's bedroom. 

Amber Interiors for Anthropologie @anthropologie:  

Can't wait to get it all cleaned out and start setting it up! I welcome any suggestions! 

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