Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! We had a great time, but are totally beat. Our celebrating started Thursday evening with Dave's family. We gathered at my in-law's house to celebrate grandma's 88th birthday!

Friday all the girls went to the mall- we shopped and got lunch at Reid's. After some rest time at home we went to happy hour at Leroy Fox where I had to leave early with fussy twins. 

Daves cousin Jacqui stayed with us and we loved having her here! Saturday we went back to my in-law's to celebrate Easter with them. After too much yummy food, Dave and I both fell asleep in the living room. 

Eloise wasn't too sure about Natalie's hug
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We headed home in time to leave the twins with a sitter and go to dinner with my family. My aunt and uncle from Atlanta were in town and my cousin from Pawley's Island! We had dinner at Nolen Kitchen.

Sunday, after Easter baskets, we decided to live stream the 11am service from MPUMC instead of taking the twins. They're getting over colds, have been off schedule and much fussier than normal. 



After we headed to Carmel Country Club for lunch with family! There were 16 of us total! 

this guy LOVES his baby cousins 

I can't wait to see them hunt for eggs next year! 


guest bedroom redo

Our guest bedroom has been one big storage room since we moved my office and the did the nursery. I'm excited to finally make it a peaceful, relaxing space for our guests to stay in.

My inspiration for this room is everything I wish I had in my bedroom, but don't because of compromising with Dave! I wanted fluff, fringe, tassels, etc. 

This was one of my inspiration photos and I actually ended up purchasing that bedding from Anthropologie. 

I also had to get that lumbar pillow- it is perfect! I found a gray bed at Target and will probably use furniture I have around the house and in the garage for the rest of the room.

I love the idea of having a juju hat somewhere, but not sure I will pull the trigger on that. I love the blue juju hat that Summer did for her bedroom! 

Authentic juju hat - Wall decor feather headdress

A few more photos providing me inspiration! 

A feathery fishtail palm nestles in a bright corner of Elle's bedroom. 

Amber Interiors for Anthropologie @anthropologie:  

Can't wait to get it all cleaned out and start setting it up! I welcome any suggestions! 


playroom for the twins

We don't have a designated playroom in our house, so we are making our sunroom the playroom. It is tricky because we walk through it all day every day. When you enter at our back door, we have a drop zone, my office to the left and then walk through the sunroom to get to the rest of the house.

We are keeping the couch and rug we currently have in there and moving everything else out. We are also having a small built in bookcase built on one wall that will have a cabinet for toy storage, shelves and space for a tv.

I'm most excited about the Serena & Lily hanging chair we got to go in one corner! I have been wanting this chair for a long time and just needed to find the right spot for it. The Pillowfort line at Target couldn't have come at a better time! We snatched up a teepee, a play table, chairs and decorative items.

Here is what I've purchased so far:

twin playroom

teepee / unicorn  / play table  / chairs all from Target

Can't wait to show y'all the finished product! And of course I can't take all of the credit, Beth with Design Post Interiors is helping us again. She is the best! 


twins: 8 months

Time is flying. 8 months just feels so old! So close to 1 year. 



  • Both are sitting up like champs! They started this at the end of January/beginning of February
  • James is dying to crawl- he gets his knees up and then just wiggles in place. Eloise is starting to do this too. 
  • They can both roll/scoot enough to get anywhere they want to go. 
  • Eloise now pulls her bibs off. 
  • James reaches both arms up for me to pick him up and Eloise is starting to do this too.
  • Eloise is learning to give "kisses"-if she's close enough to you she'll grab your face and give a big open mouth kiss
  • Both reach for toys lots and grab toys from each other.
  • Still doing four 6-8 ounce bottles a day
  • Loving all foods that are pureed, not too sure about the texture of mashed bananas or avocados. 
  • Tried bagels for the first time- big hit for entertainment
  • They each have their first tooth on the bottom! 
  • They are loud! Both love their voices. 
  • Still wearing size 6-12 month clothes. Eloise was actually wearing a 3-6month outfit the other day. But I've now fully cleaned out their drawers of anything too small! 
  • They take 2 naps a day- morning and afternoon. Morning nap is about 1-1.5 hour and afternoon is 2-3 hours. 
  • Eloise got fitted for a cranial band and started wearing that at the beginning of March.

first time in the wagon

James on the go

first Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day- our friend William's Baptism brunch

more fun play time!


five on friday: march 4

one. the blog finally got a makeover! I'm still working out some issues but like it SO much!

two. Spring 2016 is up on the website! I'm still adding more pieces over the weekend. The photo shoot went so well and I love all the photos. So much better than what I could do. A few of my favs....


three. elle + j is celebrating three years!!! Lots of giveaways over on instagram

four. I know I keep saying I'll show pictures of my office soon, but I really mean it. Here are a few Brooke took in the mean time:


five. I am so glad it is Friday and the weather is nice! We have no set plans and I'm excited to spend some time with the twins and hopefully get stuff done around the house. 

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