twins: 7 months

Another month down! They are learning new things every day. Just the other night James learned how to throw his sippy cup off the high chair. He kept doing it over and over. Lucky me! 

We were late for their 6 month check up, so they just had it last week. James is 18 pounds 2 ounces, 27 inches tall, Eloise is 16 pounds 7ounces and 26 inches tall! Their doctor said they were both doing awesome all around.

They are wearing 6-9/6-12 month clothes (Gap/Old Navy brand) and mostly 9 month clothes from Carters or Target, but still fitting in some 6 month PJs or tops. Leveret zip up PJs are our favorite PJs right now- love all the patterns. 

They both love bath time and eating pouches (current fav is spinach/pear). We did baby food with a spoon for awhile and it was so messy and Eloise wasn't getting it. So we started trying pouches with her and she really got it, so I now do it with both when it is just me feeding them to save time and a mess. I asked our pediatrician about it and he said it was totally fine that she didn't get the spoon! And yes I know pouches are expensive. But I always buy them on sale and search for the best price per ounce. For now, it just works best for us.

Both can roll over lots and are always rolling back and forth. James can sit up really well on his own, Eloise is close to getting it. They love when we hold them standing up. James can even stand for a little bit, holding on to something without us. He ha also started putting his knees under himself and I feel like he'll crawl soon. 

This is our typical daily schedule:
7am- wake up, 8oz bottle
8:30/9am- go down for a nap (this varies each day! sometimes they take 1 hour nap, sometimes closer to a 2 hour nap)
11am- 6 oz bottle
play time! they enjoy being on the play mat, in the jumper, exersaucers, etc
12:45pm/1pm- 2oz bottle or a pouch
1/1:30pm- go down for a nap (also varies, sometimes it is earlier like 12:45 and sometimes not until 1:30, just depends on the day and morning nap)
3pm- 6 or 8oz bottle, this has really started changing recently! Sometimes they sleep until 3:30pm or 4, so I just feed them when they wake up
more play time! I try to do something with them so they don't get fussy during the "witching hour"
6pm- baby food, bath time
7pm- 8oz bottle then bed! 

I really enjoy having them on a schedule. I think it is good for all of us. Days when they are really off are really hard on me. One day James didn't take a morning nap at all, but then slept from 12:30-3:30pm. So he still got good rest, but it threw my day off and I still had to keep Eloise on schedule. 

January 2016 Highlights

first snow!

lots of Panthers wins!

enjoying "reading"

They are such happy babies! Especially James, he just laughs all day long. I love it!

7 month twin favs


  1. I can't believe the twins are already 7 months!! I feel like I was just reading your blog post about giving birth! The door jumpy thing is on the top of my list to buy Oliver once he gets a little older. Not sure if you use Costco but they had the Happy Tot organic food pouches there for $10 for 12 of them! I was told that's a good deal!

  2. I can't believe they are 7 months already!! Such cuties! It sounds like things are going so well for you, I know twins can be tough. My kids still eat those pouches 2-3 a day- it's the only way I can get them to eat fruit!! Otherwise they hate it.

  3. Wow, the past 7 months has flown by! They are thriving so well. I'm sure those off days are frustrating but you are doing such a great job balancing everything. Thanks for taking the time to blog! I'm happy to read and keep up with your lives. Wish I lived closer! XO