twin thoughts on thursday

Hard to believe my two little sweet peas are 7 months. I mean really?! How did this happen?!

These are the comments I still get ALL.THE.TIME:

-are they twins?
-are they identical?
-how long were you in labor?
-did you have a c-section?
-are you done?
-one and done right?!
-you must be busy!
-do they sleep through the night?
-are they good babies?
-they look just like you.
-they must look like their dad.
-they like just alike!
-they look so different.
-do twins run in your family?
-I always wanted twins.
-I think IVF would be great. 
-how much did they weigh?
-who is older/younger?

I smile and nod to all of these and politely answer all the questions. But in my head I want to scream "did you really just ask me that?!" I'm seriously standing in the grocery store picking out cheese and you want to know how long I was in labor? 

And then there was the dad at Whole Foods. Bless his heart. His wife would be cringing if she knew everything he told me about their personal life and how they have twins, then had one more and then had an accident baby. He told me EVERY DETAIL of how the accident baby happened. Its like when you have twins, see twins (or have a beer), your filter just leaves your body.

I love having twins, but it can be exhausting! 

Thoughts for Thursday

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