thoughts on thursday

-I've been re watching Gilmore Girls and have decided I don't like Lorelai. I want to scream at her so much sometimes. I am a Logan fan and can't wait for the show to come back. 

-I feel like I missed winter- I didn't get enough chances to bundle up. I am excited for spring, but...

-My body isn't ready for spring. Way too pale and I'm not ready to shave my legs daily. 

-I don't like eating low carb, I miss pizza and pasta. However, I have found some great new recipes and I'm loving my new daily protein shakes. 

-I am enjoying my work outs at 9round, I go twice a week and wish I could go more. And I could probably go sometime when Dave is home...but I'm too lazy or busy

-But despite eating better and working out, I have lost 0 pounds and my clothes fit the same.

-I'm obsessed with Whole Foods. I feel like a grocery store snob, but I just don't like our local HT as much any more. Everyone is so friendly and helpful at Whole Foods. 

So glad tomorrow is Friday!

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