This is the first weekend in a long time that I didn't work at all- I didn't step into my office once to make any jewelry, respond to emails, place orders, etc. Friday was our spring 2016 photo shoot that I worked really hard to prep for and decided I needed a break! 

Now this week I'll be working on adding all of these pieces to the website! 

Saturday we went out to breakfast with the twins at our favorite pancake place. 

I told Dave I want to do this more often! They weren't into eating any food their, but they loved people watching and throwing things on the floor. We also made a quick stop at Target and got them a teepee for their future play room! Later Aunt Josie came over for a visit and the twins LOVED it. 

I got to sneak out for drinks and appetizers with some girlfriends Saturday afternoon and Dave watched the twins. He sent me lots of cute pics. 

Sunday we braved the mall to look for a new couch. I wanted Dave to look at some in person at Pottery Barn. The Pearce (3 piece sectional) is my top favorite, second is the PB Comfort. 
Pearce Upholstered 3-Piece Sectional with Wedge
We had a nice little lunch and Eloise was obsessed with sitting her with dad. 

We also picked out their Easter baskets! We got James a brown basket with a plaid liner and Eloise a white basket with a glitter liner

I'm so sad the weekend is over and that it is back to work today. 


thoughts on thursday

-I've been re watching Gilmore Girls and have decided I don't like Lorelai. I want to scream at her so much sometimes. I am a Logan fan and can't wait for the show to come back. 

-I feel like I missed winter- I didn't get enough chances to bundle up. I am excited for spring, but...

-My body isn't ready for spring. Way too pale and I'm not ready to shave my legs daily. 

-I don't like eating low carb, I miss pizza and pasta. However, I have found some great new recipes and I'm loving my new daily protein shakes. 

-I am enjoying my work outs at 9round, I go twice a week and wish I could go more. And I could probably go sometime when Dave is home...but I'm too lazy or busy

-But despite eating better and working out, I have lost 0 pounds and my clothes fit the same.

-I'm obsessed with Whole Foods. I feel like a grocery store snob, but I just don't like our local HT as much any more. Everyone is so friendly and helpful at Whole Foods. 

So glad tomorrow is Friday!


wednesday wishlist

With spring right around the corner, I am itching for some new things! Though I am waiting to pull the trigger on anything really until I see all of the new spring/summer items from stores. And until it is definitely warmer. I made the mistake last year of buying some sweaters for fall/winter in August and I didn't even wear them until November and didn't like them as much then.

spring fashion

lace top from Anthro / DV bag from Target / Trina Turk dress from Nordstrom
Sanctuary dress from Nordstrom / dress from Anthro / top from Show Me Your Mumu

Ok well one exception- I got that bag from Target! It should arrive any day now.  I do need to look for a dress for Easter. Can't wait to see all the spring trends!


five on friday: february 19

Happy Friday y'all!!!

one. On Tuesday Dave and I had a date night! I love a midweek date night. We went to Kid Cashew, a new restaurant here in Charlotte and I have to say I was disappointed. I doubt we'll go back. The service was eh and the food not great. We ordered what was recommended as some of their best stuff, but none of it was cooked right or done well. But if you do go, order the lamb burger! That was the one good thing we had. 

two. The twins have teeth coming in! I swear they've been teething for months. Finally I can feel them about to come through on their bottom gums! They are obsessed with these banana toothbrushes. Best thing I've bought recently for them.

Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush, Infant

three. I think we need/want a double jogging stroller. We currently have the Baby Jogger City Select and I love it for shopping, running errands, etc. But it isn't good for running or walks around the park. I've heard the most about the BOB, but any other suggestions? We are aiming to buy a used one, so if you or someone you know is selling let me know! 

four. Has anyone else been watching The People vs OJ on FX? I've only watched the first two episodes so far, but am hooked! I remember watching the white Bronco chase with my parents. 

five. I mentioned that Dave got the twins cute outfits as a Valentine's Day gift but I didn't share a picture! He went to Fancy Pants and picked these out. These make me so ready for summer! And so touched that he did this!

Have a great weekend y'all!

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We had a great weekend and hope you did too!

Friday was great because we had no plans! We stayed in and snuggled with the twins, got sushi take out and watched The Intern. Saturday I got some pampering in! I got a mani/pedi with my sister and then got a blow out. I hadn't had a mani/pedi in so long and loved getting it with my sister. We also had good snuggles and play time with the twins!

love having friends that have older kids and great toys for us to borrow!

gifts from me to the babes! really just my excuse to take advantage of the sale at Shower Me With Love!

 Saturday night we went to a surprise birthday party for a friend at Carmel Country Club! We had the best time. 

Me and my sister

Sunday we started our day at church watching our good friends' son be baptized, followed by brunch. It was so sweet and nice to be part of such a special day. The twins did awesome. James slept through the service and Eloise played with her feet or bottle the whole time. Lunch was fun- they had a great time and James sat in a restaurant style high chair for the first time. 



I let them chew on bagels for the first time. They really enjoyed it! 

the sweetest valentine's

Dave spoiled us with goodies for Valentine's Day. He got me pink tulips and a nice bottle of champagne- the key to my heart. And he got Eloise her first flowers, little baby roses! He also surprised me and had gone and gotten James and Eloise matching bathing suits and outfits for spring! He out did me- I just did snacks and a bottle of red wine for him. For dinner we cooked steaks and lobster tails from Reid's. The best type of evening in my mind! 

And today I hope that they take good naps so I can get this house clean and get work home!


five on friday: february 12

Happy Valentine's Day weekend!

one. Today I'm taking Eloise to have a mold of her head made for her cranial band. After her last check up and a consultation with specialists, we decided to it was the best choice. I didn't want her to have any issues later and regret not having done this. More on it to come!

two. I loved Stephanie's post about what she really wants for Valentine's Day! I completely relate. I would love if Dave came home from work one day at 5 with a nice bottle of champagne for me and told me to go do whatever I wanted while he did twin duty from 5pm-bedtime. Meaning he would play with them, feed them, bathe them, do bottles, bed, etc. And I could take a bath or a shower, work in my office, lay in bed watching Netflix...anything!

three. Dave has planned us a trip for March to the BVI and I am so excited! I have never been there before. And I'm also excited for a nice little getaway for the two of us. 

 Our Island

four. Beth was over yesterday for a photo shoot of the office. I can't wait to share the photos! And while she was here we discussed our next project- turning the sunroom into a playroom type area. I definitely want a chair like this one and a teepee!

Hanging Rattan ChairHanging Rattan Chair:  

five. I'm so glad it is the weekend! Looking forward to low key night at home tonight and some fun weekend plans. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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twin thoughts on thursday

Hard to believe my two little sweet peas are 7 months. I mean really?! How did this happen?!

These are the comments I still get ALL.THE.TIME:

-are they twins?
-are they identical?
-how long were you in labor?
-did you have a c-section?
-are you done?
-one and done right?!
-you must be busy!
-do they sleep through the night?
-are they good babies?
-they look just like you.
-they must look like their dad.
-they like just alike!
-they look so different.
-do twins run in your family?
-I always wanted twins.
-I think IVF would be great. 
-how much did they weigh?
-who is older/younger?

I smile and nod to all of these and politely answer all the questions. But in my head I want to scream "did you really just ask me that?!" I'm seriously standing in the grocery store picking out cheese and you want to know how long I was in labor? 

And then there was the dad at Whole Foods. Bless his heart. His wife would be cringing if she knew everything he told me about their personal life and how they have twins, then had one more and then had an accident baby. He told me EVERY DETAIL of how the accident baby happened. Its like when you have twins, see twins (or have a beer), your filter just leaves your body.

I love having twins, but it can be exhausting! 

Thoughts for Thursday


twins: 7 months

Another month down! They are learning new things every day. Just the other night James learned how to throw his sippy cup off the high chair. He kept doing it over and over. Lucky me! 

We were late for their 6 month check up, so they just had it last week. James is 18 pounds 2 ounces, 27 inches tall, Eloise is 16 pounds 7ounces and 26 inches tall! Their doctor said they were both doing awesome all around.

They are wearing 6-9/6-12 month clothes (Gap/Old Navy brand) and mostly 9 month clothes from Carters or Target, but still fitting in some 6 month PJs or tops. Leveret zip up PJs are our favorite PJs right now- love all the patterns. 

They both love bath time and eating pouches (current fav is spinach/pear). We did baby food with a spoon for awhile and it was so messy and Eloise wasn't getting it. So we started trying pouches with her and she really got it, so I now do it with both when it is just me feeding them to save time and a mess. I asked our pediatrician about it and he said it was totally fine that she didn't get the spoon! And yes I know pouches are expensive. But I always buy them on sale and search for the best price per ounce. For now, it just works best for us.

Both can roll over lots and are always rolling back and forth. James can sit up really well on his own, Eloise is close to getting it. They love when we hold them standing up. James can even stand for a little bit, holding on to something without us. He ha also started putting his knees under himself and I feel like he'll crawl soon. 

This is our typical daily schedule:
7am- wake up, 8oz bottle
8:30/9am- go down for a nap (this varies each day! sometimes they take 1 hour nap, sometimes closer to a 2 hour nap)
11am- 6 oz bottle
play time! they enjoy being on the play mat, in the jumper, exersaucers, etc
12:45pm/1pm- 2oz bottle or a pouch
1/1:30pm- go down for a nap (also varies, sometimes it is earlier like 12:45 and sometimes not until 1:30, just depends on the day and morning nap)
3pm- 6 or 8oz bottle, this has really started changing recently! Sometimes they sleep until 3:30pm or 4, so I just feed them when they wake up
more play time! I try to do something with them so they don't get fussy during the "witching hour"
6pm- baby food, bath time
7pm- 8oz bottle then bed! 

I really enjoy having them on a schedule. I think it is good for all of us. Days when they are really off are really hard on me. One day James didn't take a morning nap at all, but then slept from 12:30-3:30pm. So he still got good rest, but it threw my day off and I still had to keep Eloise on schedule. 

January 2016 Highlights

first snow!

lots of Panthers wins!

enjoying "reading"

They are such happy babies! Especially James, he just laughs all day long. I love it!

7 month twin favs