Weekend Recap

This past weekend was amazing. As I've mentioned before I love snow. And I really love one good snow storm a year. I wish we had gotten a little more fluffy snow and less ice. I was so excited to show the twins snow! Of course they totally didn't get it, but I enjoyed taking them out in it. Next year will really be fun! 


Friday Dave only left briefly for a meeting, the rest of the day we had family time! So nice to hang out at home. Saturday we were home again, I left briefly for the store. Another great night in. We watched the movie Trainwreck and I laughed so hard. Sunday we were supposed to have a christening, but it was cancelled because of the weather. We had planned to take the twins to my in-laws for the day so we could enjoy it and possibly the night so we could watch the game. We decided to take them anyways and I am so glad we did! At 11am I got tickets to the game, my dad's old seats, from the family friend and a great price. I am SO thankful for them. 

our dads were best friends their whole lives!

We hadn't planned on going to the game so we needed to get out our heavy winter clothes and get ready to tailgate! I ended up getting a new coat at The North Face store after brunch at Reid's. (BTW- brunch was amazing there!) Around 3pm we headed to tailgate with some friends. I can't remember the last time I had that much fun! The energy everywhere was crazy. 

we won! NFC Champs!

We went to Selwyn Pub afterwards and needless to say Monday morning was rough. Thank goodness the twins were with their sweet grandparents for a bit :)

I wish we could go to the Superbowl! But will have to just have a really fun party here for it!