a day in the life: friday january 8, 2016

I loved reading April's "day in the life" post last week and decided to do the same! I have already forgotten what I did each day when they were really little, so I hope doing this a few times will help me remember the days! I should also say this isn't the most typical day, it isn't out of the ordinary, but Dave and I obviously don't have a date each night and I don't have a sitter every day. Monday was probably more typical. It was full on survival mode here- just me and twins all day and Dave working late. I plan to totally write about one of those days soon! 

5:30am little cries coming from the nursery. Normally the twins sleep until 7, but recently have decided to wake up much earlier. Dave goes and gets them, changes their diapers and makes bottles. He typically feeds them in the morning, but I agreed to feed them today so he could get to work early. I feed them in bed in this pillow which is my favorite. Eloise is almost asleep again at the end of her bottles. James and I cuddle and play a little in bed then he is tired too. We all three doze back off. Dave leaves at some point and I sleep until a little before 8.

8am In to the office I go. I check emails, website orders, read blogs, make my daily to do list, etc. I also debate what to have for breakfast. I am planning to make these, but am too tired to now so I eat a granola bar from Whole Foods.

9am Poppy starts barking at the front door. I go and see it is just the landscapers, but on my way notice she threw up on the carpet in the living room. I clean it up and find another spot. Hoping both will come out. I pick up the twins' dirty clothes and bibs, put them in the laundry basket, pull out their outfits for the day.

9:20am Back in the office and put order together to ship out.

9:40am Got distracted and started reading blogs...Also debating how bad my eye sight is and realizing I am still having a hard time reading the computer screen. Wonder if I can see an eye doctor soon.

9:50am Realize the twins will be up soon and I have to get something done. Grab a diet dr pepper for a caffeine boost. On Tuesdays/Thursdays we have a nanny that comes at 10am. Today I actually have Amy coming at 10:30am since I have some big orders to fill.

10:10am James awake-laughing not crying luckily, doorbell ringing. Sign for packages at the door and then get James up, change his diaper, get him dressed. I put him in his seat with a toy while I go get Eloise up. 

New diaper, outfit and she is ready for the day. I make their bottles. Baby Formula Pro is my lifesaver. BEST gift ever! 

10:25am I start giving them their bottles

10:35am Amy arrives and takes over. So I head back into the office.

I start making jewelry. Today I am working on new spring pieces, but also some current pieces to send to stores next week.

11:45am Decide my eye sight is driving me crazy, so I get dressed, brush teeth and plan to leave the house.

12pm Go to buy computer reading glasses, make eye doctor appointment and then pick up Chick-fil-A for me and Amy.

12:50pm Back home, kiss the babies who are fussy and not wanting to take their midday nap and take my lunch to my office.

1pm: Eat lunch at my desk, then keep working. Make jewelry, take a few photos for Instagram, respond to Instagram comments

2pm Wish that I had gotten stronger computer reading glasses...Go let Amy leave since the twins went down for their afternoon nap early, but she'll be back later for our date night!

2:10pm Fill my S'Well bottle because I realize I haven't even had half the amount of water I normally do and grab the monitor, head back to the office and hope the twins nap for awhile!

2:30pm Decide maybe I will work better if I clean off my desk and do a tiny bit of organizing.

2:40pm ready to focus

3pm Eloise is awake. I go in to see if I can get her back to sleep, realize I probably can't so I pick her up before she can wake James up. We go sit in the office for a few minutes.

3:10pm: James is up. Ugh! I change Eloise's diaper and outfit, check on James. He seems happy and like he could go back to sleep so I leave him in his crib. Eloise and I sit on the couch and I try to get her back to sleep. Can hear James laughing and cooing in his crib while I watch a show. 

hoping she will doze off!

3:45pm James is really up, he's over crib time. I get him up and change his diaper. Time for some twin time! I'm wishing I had showered earlier and knew what I was wearing later. 

4pm after a few snuggles on the couch they're ready to play. Normally they have a bottle at 4:30, but I'm planning to do it early today so we'll aim for 4:15pm

4:15pm bottles

4:30pm done with bottles, burps and letting their food settle

4:40pm They are ready to play, so I put them in exersaucers and wash my face. 


4:50pm Dave is home! Whoop whoop!

5pm I pour a glass of champs, head to go get ready and Dave plays with twins. 

5:15pm Hair/make up done, now time to pick out outfit. Will most likely wear an outfit I've worn before. Almost went with a white sweater and realized we're cooking and I'm messy- bad combo. 

5:30pm I'm dressed with jewelry on, which always takes me the longest amount of time, not loving my hair but no time to worry about it. I'll do lipstick/gloss in the car. 

my outfit- both from Anthro

5:35pm Time to get everything all ready for sitter, Dave changes and I supervise the babies.

5:45pm Linda arrives (Amy's mom, Amy texted she had to cover a dance class for someone. We've had Linda before and she is just as great!). I go over last minute stuff with her. 

5:50pm Dave calls Uber and I get my purse ready.

6pm We kiss babies bye and get into Uber--favorite way to travel these days :)

6:15pm We arrive for cooking class at Atherton Mills- Chef Alyssa's Kitchen. Her fiance and business partner, Andrew, and I went to Elon together! I gave Dave this for his birthday in December.


10:15pm Home! Linda recaps the evening, we pay her, say goodnight, check on babies, get in PJs, etc. We chat about the night and go to bed! 

Things I did not specifically mentioned: I talked to my sister on the phone, talked to a plumber about an issue at the condo that I own and rent out, g-chatted with a girlfriend, checked Instagram many times. I also wish I had been more productive at work, but oh well. Typically I would have done a load of their laundry and washed many bottles, but thankfully our nanny was here the day before and took care of that for me. Truly a blessing. I'll be recapping another day soon!

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  1. Little ones certainly keep you busy! I love this idea for a blog too!