6 months

onesies from REACH

On December 30 the twins turned 6 months!

James loves...
standing up tall
laughing at himself

Eloise loves...
being held
having her legs in the air
rolling into a ball

They both love...
bath time
long car rides
stroller rides
when Daddy gets home from work and plays with them

They both hate...
when the car stops or goes too slow
being hungry
the slightest dirty diaper

This has been one of the most fun months! They've grown and really developed their personalities. In December we also celebrated Dave's birthday, my birthday, Christmas and took a quick 24 hour road trip to Atlanta to see family. It was also the first time we ever left them!

James is rolling over and starting to move himself around. Eloise finally rolled over last week too. We've been practicing with baby food- James gets it, Eloise doesn't. She lets the food sit on her tongue and then pushes it out. They've had sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, bananas, squash, pears and peas. They love the sweet potatoes! 

As much as I want them to stay my little babies forever, it is fun to see how they grow and develop. I know this next month will be just as much fun!




  1. I can't believe they're 6 months old already! They are so cute. The fun really starts once their personalities come out, the next 6 months will be so much fun for you all.