5 on friday: charlotte restaurants

Happy Friday y'all! I love trying new restaurants. We haven't gotten to try as many lately do to limited date nights since the twins were born. Hopefully making a list to check off will remind me to look at these before our next date night!

Here are 5 Charlotte restaurants I want to try:

one. Passion8
two. Customshop
three.The Cellar
four. The Asbury
five. Corkbuzz

And here are 5 suggestions to try in Charlotte if you haven't yet:

one. Rocksalt

three. Co
four. Soul 
Any recommendations or spots in missing??

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  1. ive always wanted to go to charolette! great idea and love the date nights! i need to do more of them! glad i found your blog through the link up!

  2. Hope you get in some more date nights soon - they are the best!!