13week declutter update + a new closet!

I mentioned in my New Years post that I was following along with Mary Organizes for a declutter challenge. So far, so good!

91 Day Declutter - Join us

Week 1 was the laundry room, which was super easy because ours isn't big and I don't use it for anything except laundry. Week 2 was the kitchen. Again, this wasn't too bad for me. We updated our kitchen in fall 2014, so I got rid of a ton of stuff then and got to reorganize everything. Then while I nested I cleaned out the pantry. To make room for baby items we had to clean out some drawers. So I did do the declutter challenge and got rid of a ton of stuff again. But it wasn't as overwhelming as I thought it would be or as it could have been.

Week 3 is the dining room. Again ours isn't too bad. We have one closet that I use to store vases and misc decor in. I just reorganized it in the fall, but it definitely needs to be done again. We have one chest I use to store paper plates, plastic silverware, cups, placemats, napkin rings, etc. That desperately needs work! But it still shouldn't be too overwhelming.

It is the following weeks that intimidate me. I mean, holy cow. My guest bedroom, my closet, the twins' closets...they are all scary, dark holes. I am a small time hoarder. Seeing other people in the Facebook group makes me feel better (is that wrong?!). But I'm still pretty bad! 

Our guest room has been a dumping ground for anything and everything that I don't want to deal with. But now is the time! Time to sort old office supplies, clothes, baby items and more. 

I am actually very excited about decluttering my closet. I went to the Container Store and had them build me a closet! My closet is an awkward shape and didn't have a good layout. Since we moved in I've been wanting to re-do it. So finally we are! They were so nice and helpful. After answering some questions, they started planning the design. I picked the first layout design they did. 

It will be installed in a week or so. Can't wait to reorganize it! I'll be taking everything out so they can install the closet. Then I can sort all of my clothes and items carefully before I put things back in. 

My bathroom drawers/cabinets and linen closet are also going to be rough. I love to save samples or make up that I MIGHT need or use again one day, even though its probably gone bad. 

I am very excited about these 91 days. It has already been making me feel better. I want a simple house in 2016. I want everything to have a home and don't want to have 1,000 wooden spoons or paper plates I don't use. 

Any tips- send them my way!

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