4 things on a Tuesday!

So getting back to regular blogging has been tougher than I thought!

A few random thoughts to catch up on...

One. My one room challenge is a definite fail. The guys actually showed up this morning to demo, but we didn't have it scheduled so there was no I could get ready for it. 

Two. We have had such a busy few months. I don't think we've had a single weekend with no events since mid-August. We've had weddings the past two weekends. So much fun, but I'm exhausted! The first one was a family one in Orlando and second one was here in Charlotte. I was honored to be in the wedding here. I'm so excited for both couples! I love weddings. 

Jessica & Travis' Wedding


Danielle & Will's Wedding

Three. Dave and I will celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary this month. I'm so excited that we're escaping to Jamaica for a few days to celebrate! Hard to believe it's been five years. 

Four.The twins were so cute in their costumes last night! We had a great time at our neighborhood block party.

Halloween 2015

Hopefully with things calming down (for now) I can get back to posting more! 


new house: coming 2017!

I mentioned on Instagram, but we bought a house/lot! We are tearing down a house and will be building a new house from the ground up. I am so excited! I'm trying to be patient with the process, but that is not my strong suit. We probably won't move in until next fall. I hope we will be in by Thanksgiving!

I think building a house is one of the most fun and most stressful things ever. I'm hoping to share the process here as we go, as well as share my inspiration for each room. We have already been working on this since summer. It takes longer to make each decision than I thought. One of the hardest things is that I keep changing my mind about some of the finishes! I had no idea you had to pick out things like bathroom faucets, hardware and tiles NOW, before even demo happens! But you do so you can get accurate pricing. So many details have to be done.

First up, exterior inspiration! We are lucky enough to be friends with Greg Perry, an amazingly talented designer here in Charlotte. He gave us some great tips on how to make the exterior of our house just like we want. His portfolio is amazing! The top left house is one he did.

This is the look we are going for:

new house-exterior

I can't wait to share the drawing of our actual house soon. If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll see all of my boards that I created for the house! 


ORC week 3: possibly a fail

It is week 3 of one room challenge! And its looking like my ORC may be a fail! Ugh. I'm going to keep updating in case I can pull it off.

My husband reached out to our demo guy (who knew this project was coming) and he's booked out. He can't come for two weeks and then we have to schedule the install. We've done a lot of construction and remodeling here so I should have expected this! I'm also planning for more delays. 

Here is the good news! All of the tile is in. And all of the new fixtures/hardware except for the light. So hopefully once the new tile is in, it won't take long to finish it up. 

So here is what I still need to do:
  • Demo bathroom tile
  • Reinstall tile
  • Patch walls & Paint
  • Change out fixtures
  • Hang mirror & new light
  • Pick out shower curtain & bath mat
  • Figure out what to do on empty walls
I updated the first post with before photos so head over there to check them out!

And here is what we are putting in:

guest bathroom

(click on photo for links)

And the tile: 

guest bath tile

Fingers crossed I make some progress!


ORC: week 1 + week 2

So I may be crazy for 1) attempting ORC and 2) attempting it a week late. But why not try?! I think it could be a good way to get me back into blogging! I have always loved following along with ORC and loved when Beth used the twins' nursery for Spring 2015's ORC.

The room I'm choosing is the twins/guest/hall bathroom. This was any easy pick because we have already planned to do it and already ordered a few things. That is also why I may actually get it done on time!

before we moved in!

I just had to order a new charger for my nice camera's battery, so when that comes in I'll get current pictures and share.




This bathroom has not been changed (except for paint color-it was red when we moved in!) since we moved in. We have taken our time updating other parts of the house based on importance and use, this one just hadn't made the cut yet. Now that we are building a new house and will be listing our current house next year, it needed to be updated to go with the rest of the house.Since we won't be staying, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on updating it or go too crazy with some of my ideas.

Here is a list of what is staying and going:
-vanity with sink
-sink faucet
-overhead light

-shower tile
-shower hardware
-floor tile
-vanity light

I'm not sure if the shelves will stay or go yet. They'll come down when we repaint the bathroom in Benjamin Moore's Paper White which we just used in our master bathrooms and I love! So I'm not sure if I will put them back up or put up some art.

Here are some bathrooms I loved and used for ideas...

Marble shower  After - marble and chrome bathroom with grey vanity

love the penny tiles in the geometric subway tiles with dark grout | shower shelves:

Black and White Bathroom with subway tile shower, interesting tile detail around window:

Studio McGee | Save or Splurge: Floor Tile

I can't wait to share more details and pictures with y'all! Next step is demoing our bathroom and lining up tile install...which is one someone else's timeline, not mine. Yikes!

click here to see everyone else participating! 


the twins are ONE!

Hard to believe they turned ONE in June!



Favorite Toys: trucks, My Pal Scout, blocks, ball, Laugh & Learn Table, stuffed animals and baby dolls

Favorite Foods: They pretty much eat anything and everything! We have given them peanut butter, fish, ribs, shrimp, etc. Some of their favs: yogurt, cheese, turkey, applesauce, green beans, carrots, mandarin oranges, crackers. We also love Dr. Praeger's foods. 

Clothes: They are wearing 12m and 12-18m PJs and clothes!

Diapers: James is in a size 4, Eloise is a size 3/4. 

TeethTeething has been pretty rough, but Motrin helps. Eloise has 3, almost 4, teeth. James has 7 teeth. 

Daily Schedule
7am- wake up, bottle
8am- breakfast
9/9:30am- nap
10:30am- wake up from nap, have a snack and then play
12:15pm- lunch
1:15pm- bottle
1:30pm- nap
3:30/4pm- wake up, have a snack and then play
5:45/6pm- dinner, followed by a bath
6:45/7pm- bottle and then bed!

June 2016
first trip to the beach
James starts to take a few steps, officially walking in early July! 
starting to introduce organic whole milk
still working getting them to like sippy cups
can say ma-ma, da-da, night night (really sounds like ni-ni)
can wave and sort of clap

Both James & Eloise are so affectionate, snuggly and loving. They love to be held, but are also very into playing with each other, other babies and toys. They steal toys from each other and other babies. Eloise is very serious about her toy stealing, she will grab a toy and turn around so James can't grab it back. Luckily they're fine with it for the most part now! They cry when they're tired, hungry or having their diaper changed. Or if they want to be held. 

They are so special to us and have made this past year unforgettable!!! I have loved being a mom to them!


a golden safari

On July 2, 2016 we celebrated Eloise  & James turning 1! I went with an easy theme- golden safari, inspired by this party.

Decorating was super easy- lots of gold, animals and balloons. Possibly too many balloons. 

The party was mainly for adults (celebrating me surviving the past year) so we had a bar with mimosas and beer. For the kids we had water, lemonade and sprite- all served in the cute (reusable) white & gold cups with lids and straws. It made for no worry sipping! 

Food was a little tricky. We had just been at the beach for a week so I didn't get to make a lot of stuff in advance. I also knew we would need a fairly substantial amount because of the number of people we were having, plus the fact that it was lunch time. I made my favorite ham delights, pasta salad, a fruit plate, spinach & artichoke dip and quiche bites from Trader Joe's. My aunt was kind enough to make the cupcakes, vegetable sandwiches and shrimp mousse. For the kids I did uncrustables, gold fish and apple sauce pouches. It all worked out and I did have a few leftovers. Next time I'm thinking something more low key! 



I can't believe they are already 14 months old!


smash cake- Whole Foods
highchair "one" banners (me! DIY with supplies from Target)


Five on Friday: April 22

Happy Friday y'all!!

one. Two weeks ago we had the twins' 9 month photos taken by my sweet friend Erica. She does the best job! I love having this special photos of the twins and our family. I also love how comfortable she makes us all feel. 

two. Last Thursday Dave and I went to Mumford & Sons. It was so much fun! I forgot how much we love concerts!

three. Last weekend was the Girl Tribe Pop Up Shop. elle + j was going to be a vendor, but due to scheduling conflicts, fast growing twins and so much more, I decided to sit this one out. We will be back for the holiday one though! I still went to support my fellow girl tribe and got the twins these adorable tshirts from Pink Social. 

four. Slowing down. Some may have noticed, others probably not. But I am slowing down with elle + j. For awhile I've been lucky enough to be growing and growing. But now I need a break. I want more time with the two cuties in the photo above! More details to come about what all this means for the company!

five.  Lastly...in case you missed it- my office and tips for working at home were shared on Glitter Guide! I do hope you'll go check it out here

abstract cow art

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thoughts on thursday: glitterguide!

I am so excited that y'all can FINALLY see pictures of my office! I've been keeping this a secret and hiding the photos until it was real. Tuesday, Glitterguide shared my 8 tips on working from home along with photos of my office.

blue ceiling

Huge thank you to Beth Barden for working with em on this project! All photos by Laura Sumrak.

I hope you'll go check out the article here!

brass bull decor

I will do a whole post with sources soon!

Thoughts for Thursday