15 weeks (10.13.15)

Today Eloise & James are 15 weeks old! Time is flying.

I didn't want to wait until four months for an update because I wasn't very detailed for 3 months. I need this info to go back and fill in the baby books!

a full day of snuggles on a day without power

14 weeks

i love halloween outfits & this twin z pillow!

They are still in size 1 diapers, wearing 0-3 months clothes and some 3-6 clothes. Can't wait to see how much they weigh and how tall they are at their 4 month appointment.

We dropped the swaddle Sunday night and it wasn't too bad. I was and still am worried. They slept really well with the swaddle. We are using sleep sacks instead and it is crazy to look at the monitor and see them flailing their arms and legs around. I am putting mittens on their hands so they don't get too cold. I just hope we can get back to their good sleep habits!

They each had small fevers yesterday...not sure why. But a little Tylenol seemed to help and fix them right up. After they cried for 3 hours straight....

They did not sleep great. Eloise was up from 3-3:40am, then James was up 3:50-4:10, then Eloise was up again 4:10-4:20, then James was up at 4:30.... I mean seriously.

James is getting close to rolling over! He can get to his side but then stops.

My Aunt Kristen came to visit from Atlanta and it was SO fun having her meet the twins!

They had their first night with a babysitter last week and it went really well. I am really glad we found someone that we trust and is perfect with them.

They have started sitting in the Bumbo for a little bit each day. James really likes it, Eloise isn't sure what she thinks. They're still doing tummy time when we can on the play mat. James prefers to be on his back looking in the mirror! Eloise does better sitting up in a seat because of her reflux. I will be so glad when the reflux goes away. She is still taking medicine twice a day for it. 

If y'all have any sleep tips, send them my way!!


introducing elle + j!

I am so excited to share the new name of my jewelry company- elle + j!

My new website will be up soon! All the jewelry will be the same, just a new name and look. It was time for an update and change...something a little more me. I'll also be changing the blog name- just not sure exactly to what yet.

Another change.... I've hired someone new! Meet Christine- wife to Austin, mom to adorable twin boys Hudson and Nolan, fellow Elon grad.  From Cincinnati, she moved to Charlotte after graduating from Elon. Much like me she loves wearing stacks of bracelets, especially since we each have 2 little ones that pull on necklaces!

Displaying image1.JPG 

I am thrilled to have her join me on this adventure. I've had some great help here and there over the past 2.5 years and it was finally time to make it a real, steady position. I just needed someone to be the perfect fit and I'm excited that it is Christine. She has been a huge help and resource to me since I found out I was expecting twins. Being a mom to twins automatically bonds you!

Thank you all for your support! Can't wait to share the new website.


3 months old!

I can't believe they are over 3 months old! 

James weighs about 13 pounds and Eloise weighs about 11 pounds. She definitely feels lighter and tinier than James!

They've started sleeping through the night some! Not totally consistent- but I'll take it. Some mornings they wake up at 5:30am, others 7am. They get their last bottle at 7:30pm, go down in bed around 8-8:30pm. We were doing a dream feed at 10:30pm, but have just recently stopped that. They sometimes cry off and on for a bit when we put them down, other times they go straight to sleep. So we never know what the night will be like.

Last week James got another cold and still has it. Eloise has some sniffles, but not as bad. So his sleep hasn't been great. 

We took them to get pumpkins last week and it was so fun! It was really more for me and Dave, but I like starting these traditions early. 

They love to smile, sit up and watch everything going on. Both babble lots and I love when they recognize my voice or see me when I walk into a room. 

They are just the cutest things!  I am loving this age!