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I'm 11 weeks into this parenting thing...and I don't know if it is getting any easier....

Here are a few of my thoughts this Thursday...

Thoughts for Thursday
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I have left the house with pee on me on more than one occasion because either I didn't have time to change or I just didn't care. 

I almost always have spit up on me, hidden somewhere, because Eloise has terrible reflux. And she is always covered in spit up...on her bib or her outfit. Poor thing. 

I sometimes forget when I last showered...not washed my hair- SHOWERED.  Washing hair is a whole other thing.

I left the house without shoes on and it took awhile to realize it.

I have gotten the kids, myself, bags in the car...but no key. More than once. 

Last week, we all cried. Me and the twins just cried one afternoon. Could.not.get.it.together.

They still don't sleep through the night or close enough to make me well rested. I totally thought I would have 12 hours by 12 weeks babies...or at least 8-10 hours. But oh well.

I sometimes regret not trying harder to not have a c-section. I know it was what I needed and I'm thankful because I had fairly easy recovery. But I feel like I missed out on pushing.

After I had the babies, people were so nice to tell me how great I looked (I think people just say that). So then I put lots of pressure on myself to always try and look great and look like I had myself together. And it is just too much. Yesterday I showered, washed my hair, put on make up, got dressed and got the babies dressed...we didn't leave the house until 12:45 doing all of that.

I constantly forget who did what and feel bad that I can't remember which one did what. Trouble with two I guess. 

I hate when people ask me how the twins are sleeping...I feel like they are judging me. 

I am also SO tired of people asking me if I am breastfeeding. Since when did that become socially acceptable to ask strangers?! 

And someone please tell me why people think boy/girl twins could be identical?


Even more annoying when they insist they look so much alike, am I sure they aren't identical?! REALLY?

James & Eloise both have slight flat spots on their head and I'm terrified they'll have to wear helmets and it'll be all my fault that I haven't done enough tummy time.

I think that is enough for today! All in all I love these two and love spending my days with them. But I won't lie...I can't wait until they sleep through the night.


  1. Hugs twin Mom! Your babies are precious! I know it's hard to see outside the fog now but I'm sure sooner than later they will figure out the whole sleeping thing. I will be sending thoughts and prayers your way! People kill me with their questions and comments. I don't get it either. I'm sure very soon I will be writing a very similar post so I can pre-sympathize. Good luck and prayers!

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself!! You had TWINS 11 weeks ago- I have a 2 yr old and 10 month old and I'm lucky if I can get showered and dressed in the mornings!! People will have opinions on sleep and how you feed your babies/what your kids eat forever. I know very few people who had their kids sleeping 12 hrs by 12 weeks. Also I know you don't want to hear this but some kids will never sleep 12 hrs. I went to my peds almost in tears telling her that Miller didn't sleep through the night because he slept from 7pm-4am and she was like Honey that's 9 hours which means he's sleeping through the night. She said some kids only need 8-10 hours and you just adjust naps/bedtimes accordingly. It will eventually get easier- I know twins is so hard but just try to enjoy those little moments. Who cares if you're not showered and your house is dirty- James and Eloise will never know and they're the only ones that matter right now anyway! The c-section regret is tough too. I felt major guilt over it for awhile but I eventually got over it. I always remind myself that thanks for modern medicine both me and my babies were able to go through birth and be healthy. Sorry longest comment ever. Hang in there!

  3. PS-Those little faces are the cutest!! I mean if you can get those smiles without showering why ever bother doing it :)

  4. They are the cutest, sweetest twins in the WHOLE world! I love them and you and you are doing a great job!!! XOXO
    PS I told you how judgey everyone id about everything ;-)