its fridayyyy


one. I, like so many, am very excited it is September!! I love the cooler weather, boots, leggings, outside fires, beer and football. I can't wait to dress the twins up for going to pick out pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. I love holidays and can't wait to celebrate all their firsts!

two. The construction in the office is finally done! Phew. We survived. I'm still not done unpacking, organizing and decorating. I'm getting there, but slowly.  I'm considering this chair for the corner, I've been super indecisive about what chair to put in the corner. 

Cancun Chair with Copper Base - Dot & Bo

three. The twins are 2 months! Full post on them to come soon, I have to be better about writing stuff down because I keep forgetting things.


four. We have 6 weddings in the next 4 months! Sadly we can't go to all of them, we have to miss the one in Vermont and the one in San Diego. We'll be traveling to New Bern, NC for one on Halloween weekend and it'll be the twins' first road trip! I'm in one wedding, but need dresses for the other weddings. 

five. This is our last weekend before we have something just about every weekend for the next couple of months.  We have no set plans, but I have my bff in town and my other bestie's family in town! So I hope to get time with both. And lots of snuggles with my babies!

Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day weekend!!

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