Five on Friday

Thank you all for the sweet words on my post yesterday! It means a lot to me.

one. On top of taking care of the twins, I've still been working. And I have some BIG news coming soon for the company....well I'll just say it... I'm rebranding Poppy Style! I can't wait to share the new name, logo and website with y'all!

two. I love this light from West Elm in the hallway by my office! I can't wait to finish this space and share more. 

three. We have our first night out without the babies next weekend for a wedding. I am so excited! I am wearing this dress that Anthro just marked down. I can't wait to get all dressed up and eat, dance and celebrate.

four. The babies' baptism is scheduled for late October and I have lots of planning to do. The invitations just arrived from Minted so now I need to rush and get them in the mail. We're having a brunch here after the service for everyone. So lots of menu planning to do! We have a family gown that Eloise will wear because she is the smallest, but I need a gown for James. I got them these Kissy Kissy outfits to wear at the brunch. 

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five. Love these two so much!


 Happy Friday y'all!


thoughts & confessions

I'm 11 weeks into this parenting thing...and I don't know if it is getting any easier....

Here are a few of my thoughts this Thursday...

Thoughts for Thursday
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I have left the house with pee on me on more than one occasion because either I didn't have time to change or I just didn't care. 

I almost always have spit up on me, hidden somewhere, because Eloise has terrible reflux. And she is always covered in spit up...on her bib or her outfit. Poor thing. 

I sometimes forget when I last showered...not washed my hair- SHOWERED.  Washing hair is a whole other thing.

I left the house without shoes on and it took awhile to realize it.

I have gotten the kids, myself, bags in the car...but no key. More than once. 

Last week, we all cried. Me and the twins just cried one afternoon. Could.not.get.it.together.

They still don't sleep through the night or close enough to make me well rested. I totally thought I would have 12 hours by 12 weeks babies...or at least 8-10 hours. But oh well.

I sometimes regret not trying harder to not have a c-section. I know it was what I needed and I'm thankful because I had fairly easy recovery. But I feel like I missed out on pushing.

After I had the babies, people were so nice to tell me how great I looked (I think people just say that). So then I put lots of pressure on myself to always try and look great and look like I had myself together. And it is just too much. Yesterday I showered, washed my hair, put on make up, got dressed and got the babies dressed...we didn't leave the house until 12:45 doing all of that.

I constantly forget who did what and feel bad that I can't remember which one did what. Trouble with two I guess. 

I hate when people ask me how the twins are sleeping...I feel like they are judging me. 

I am also SO tired of people asking me if I am breastfeeding. Since when did that become socially acceptable to ask strangers?! 

And someone please tell me why people think boy/girl twins could be identical?


Even more annoying when they insist they look so much alike, am I sure they aren't identical?! REALLY?

James & Eloise both have slight flat spots on their head and I'm terrified they'll have to wear helmets and it'll be all my fault that I haven't done enough tummy time.

I think that is enough for today! All in all I love these two and love spending my days with them. But I won't lie...I can't wait until they sleep through the night.


the twins are 2 months

I can't believe they're 2 months (2 1/2 by the time I hit publish)! It feels like the longest and shortest 2 months ever.

James weighs 11 pounds 3 ounces and is 22" tall. He is in 0-3 month and 3 month clothing, size 1 diapers. He is always moving his arms and legs. Always punching the air! He still loves to have his hands by his face. Eloise weighs 9 pounds and is 20 1/4" tall.  She is wearing some newborn clothes and 0-3 month clothing. Still in newborn diapers, but we're moving her into size 1. She is super smiley all the time!

They both recognize our voices and look at us all the time. I love knowing that they know who I am and where I am! It is the best feeling.

They take turns being good sleepers. One week we'll think James is the best sleeper, the next it is Eloise. But in general they both sleep pretty good! They are both so sweet and love being snuggled.

They had their 2 month shots and it made for a rough few nights! They each had a slight fever and were sore and fussy. We've also just switched up their feeding schedule based on a suggestion from our night nurse.  They seem to be adjusting pretty well. I won't lie- I can't wait until they can sleep through the night! :) 

A few highlights...

-Saturday family dinner out

-James had his first fever at 8 weeks and was so pitiful. We pretty much managed to keep Eloise from catching the virus. She was starting to get sick, but never got it as bad as James. 

-Took them to their first Panthers tailgate

-Went to a few dinners at Providence Rd Sundries

-First brunch with my girlfriends at 300 East

They keep me busy! But we're loving every second of it.



its fridayyyy


one. I, like so many, am very excited it is September!! I love the cooler weather, boots, leggings, outside fires, beer and football. I can't wait to dress the twins up for going to pick out pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. I love holidays and can't wait to celebrate all their firsts!

two. The construction in the office is finally done! Phew. We survived. I'm still not done unpacking, organizing and decorating. I'm getting there, but slowly.  I'm considering this chair for the corner, I've been super indecisive about what chair to put in the corner. 

Cancun Chair with Copper Base - Dot & Bo

three. The twins are 2 months! Full post on them to come soon, I have to be better about writing stuff down because I keep forgetting things.


four. We have 6 weddings in the next 4 months! Sadly we can't go to all of them, we have to miss the one in Vermont and the one in San Diego. We'll be traveling to New Bern, NC for one on Halloween weekend and it'll be the twins' first road trip! I'm in one wedding, but need dresses for the other weddings. 

five. This is our last weekend before we have something just about every weekend for the next couple of months.  We have no set plans, but I have my bff in town and my other bestie's family in town! So I hope to get time with both. And lots of snuggles with my babies!

Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day weekend!!