baby favorites

Its crazy to think that the twins are almost 7 weeks old! We quickly found some of our favorite products and I thought I'd share. I loved hearing what other people used and recommended when I was pregnant!

We have a lot of items that we can place them (thanks for lots of friends letting us borrow items!) and I don't think there is one that they love more than others. James seems to prefer this seat, but both equally like the Mamaroo, Rock'n'Play or the jungle bouncy seat or just the newborn boppy lounger.  

I love love love our Milkbarn burp clothes. They are super cute, but also practical. They are soft and thin, but absorbent. I can also lay it over them like a little blanket until they need it. Which with Eloise is all the time. 

We also love the Aden & Anais muslin swaddle blankets for daily blankets or to tuck in around the car seat. They are so light weight and easy to wrap. We have stroller blankets we love, but for now these are easiest for going out and about or shoving in my diaper bag. 

Both were swaddled while in the NICU, but when we left the hospital we were told it wasn't safe to swaddle them like that at home (they are on monitors and observed 24/7 at the NICU). So we immediately got the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle and it is so easy to use. They love it! We also got the miracle swaddle based on our night nurse's recommendation and it takes a bit more skill to use, but they also really like it.  We do tuck their arms in, even though they both love having their arms up. It helps them sleep longer for sure. 
I get stopped everywhere we go and asked about our MilkSnob car seat cover (along with the question: are they twins?). It is so easy to put on and I can easily look through the top and check on them. I will say the top hole is getting kind of stretched out, so I'm hoping I can wash and shrink it a bit. 

At night I love putting them in gowns because it makes for very easy diaper changes! I also love these Old Navy zip up PJs. So many of our PJs have snaps, I hadn't even thought about the ease of a gown at night! 

baby favs
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