thoughts on thursday: june 25

Baby Thoughts:
I'm currently 33 weeks and 6 days aka 34 weeks this Saturday!

We had an ultrasound last Friday and got to see the sweet babies. She is 5lbs 6oz and he is 4lbs 14oz!  She finally turned and is more head down, he is still sideways on top though. I really thought we would get to schedule a day to be induced....but we didn't. For some (crazy) reason I just really thought I would pick a day and we would go in and I would have the babies. Well they won't induce me until July 24/25 (38 weeks) and there is a huge possibility I will have them before then. 

It was then that I realized how terrified I am of going into labor! I am not scared about delivering or the pain. I'm scared of going into labor and not realizing it completely or having like 100 false alarms. Worried Dave won't answer his phone or that I won't be ready. Like my bag won't be packed or I'll want to shower and wash my hair, but won't have time. All really silly things. 

It is really hard for me to do much of anything these days. I spend a lot of time sleeping or resting in bed or on the couch. I unfortunately am cancelling plans I wish I could keep because I just don't feel good and my legs/feet are HUGE and it hurts to walk. 

Other Thoughts:
Construction on the addition is moving right along...hoping it will be done by July 18. Originally should have been done by July 1! 

Trying to not make all of my thoughts revolve around the twins....that is a little hard...!

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  1. I can't believe your twins will be here soon! So exciting!! I never went into labor on my own bc I had c-sections but all my girlfriends tell me that you'll know when it's real labor. Good luck with the addition