guest bathroom plan

I think I mentioned that in the addition we will have a full guest bathroom so that down the road this room can be used as a bedroom. I have never redone a bathroom or designed a bathroom from scratch. I figured it was such a small and simple space I could easily do it. Well, it has definitely been more challenging than I thought! I kept seeing bathrooms I liked on Pinterest, but there was always something I wanted to change or that wouldn't work in our space.

Here are some bathrooms I loooooved:

Vanessa Francis Design

Crushing on everything about this bathroom from the subway tile, the timber ceiling, metal framed shower screen and vanity and the diagonal floor tile.

This is our "design" board:

guest bath

(click board for links)

Everything pictured is something we have bought or are buying for the bathroom. The shower is actually a steam shower and will have glass walls/door and subway tile for the walls and ceiling. We are doing a square marble tile for the bathroom floor- almost went with a hexagon tile. The hardware and accessories are all brass or acrylic. Fingers crossed it all looks as good as it does in my head!! I do have a plan for a pop of color, but am waiting until it is all done to add it in. 

Last decision I need to make is which knobs to put on the vanity! I found these 4 at Anthropologie and can't decide. Any opinions?!



  1. Love this plan!! What knobs did you end up picking? I think 2 and 4 are my favorites

    1. I still haven't picked, but have to this week! I'm thinking 4!