Animal Baby Shower

My mother in law, my sister's mother in law and a family friend hosted the sweetest shower honoring me and twins! I loved everything and it was so thoughtful of them to do. 

The hit of the party was Gigi the giraffe that Dave's grandma and aunt got for us. I always wanted one as a kid, but never got one. I'm probably more excited about it than the babies will be!

adorable "rattle" on the door made by Dave's cousin Tracy

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me with dave's mom and grandma

me and my sweet sister, she is going to be the best aunt!

wonderful hostesses! 
Trish, a family friend, Debbie, my mother in law, Martha, Josephine's mother in law




The food was delicious!! We had watermelon, chicken salad in little pea pods, cucumber and cheese on toast, cheese and fruit, cupcakes and of course, animal crackers!

my three aunts, cousin, me and my sister! my two aunts on the far left each drove 4 hours to be there for me, it meant so much!

me & my aunts

I kept waiting to post this until I had more pictures, but this what I had and as I find more I'll add them! I'm so thankful for everyone that celebrated with us. I have some very lucky babies!

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