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home organizing

We have been trying for awhile to find the best spot to keep our mail/cards/etc. We used to have a bulletin board up by our pantry, but then we redid the kitchen (in the fall!) and have not had a place since then. Every single day, Dave asks about the mail. We have no designated place- sometimes I put it on my desk, on the couch, on the counter, etc. It sound silly, but I really want a designated mail spot!

I also have a stack of save the dates and party invitations that I want to display and have no where to put them. Minor problem :)

I think we have finally agreed on a wall- it is in the sunroom, but right by the kitchen. I've seen a lot of already made organization pieces, but think I want to create this wall piece by piece.  I love the fabric covered bulletin board we did in the nursery and think I want to do one for this wall. Minted has awesome choices!

I can't wait to get this all hung! 

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