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I have edited, changed, updated, deleted our baby registry 1,000+ times.  It is so fun for me...for some reason! 

I decided to do a Baby List after seeing them ALL OVER my Pinterest and other blogs. I guess their marketing worked! But I also did it because I kept seeing cute things from small businesses that I wanted over things at a big box store. Now it is all in one place! 

I also registered for a TON of stuff because I know when I'm shopping for gifts I like options.  I also like unique gifts, so people can see unique items on my Baby List. Do I expect everything on our list? No way. But it is there so people have options and then I can go back and remember what I liked but didn't get.  We're also having twins...so double the fun, double the stuff.

I've read a few blogs and tips about what you really need two of versus what you can get away with just one of.  I'm following some of the advice, but also planning to play it by ear. If they both happen to be obsessed with the Fisher Price Rock'N'Play, I will get a second one. I'd rather start with one then have two and not use one. 

With that said.... I welcome suggestions! Especially in the following areas:
-monitor (want a video one, with two cameras)
-angel care/breathing monitor
-play mats/jumpers/swings (we will have a mamaroo to use)
-bath tub (going with PUJ for when they are tiny so I can use my side by side kitchen sinks)
-baby carriers/wraps

Here are some things I definitely want:

baby wishes

1. I plan to breastfeed, but with two I may need to supplement with formula or breastfeeding may not work out for us. A friend highly recommended this and I think it sounds like a nighttime lifesaver.

2. I don't want random people reaching and touching my babies- I've seen it happen and it shocks me. These car seat covers are so cute and have great reviews. I love these patterns. 

3. This nursing pillow looks amazing and I love all that it can do!

4. I did a lot of searching for baby books and these are a winner for me. They are short and simple, to the point. Just enough info and not too much to overwhelm me. 

5. Not pictured- the 4moms breeze. I did a lot of research and have decided to try this for the babies sleeping in our room at first. I like that the top part is a large bassinet so they can cosleep. A lot of the options I saw didn't have an opportunity for that. I look into many bassinets, cosleepers, etc and think this will work best for what I want. 

Any other must haves/didn't care about items?!


  1. Baby brezza... The bomb dignity and a life saver for me!! My favorite go to for mamas not nursing!

  2. Thanks for posting this when it comes time for me to really sit down and register, I'll be referencing back to this post!
    Ally - Life as I know it

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