random thoughts on thursday

Dave & I had a nice Saturday night date night downtown weekend before last. We went to BLT for appetizers (they have the best complimentary popovers everrrr) and then went to Studio Movie Grill to see Pitch Perfect 2! I (and Dave...) LOVED the first Pitch Perfect. I watch it all the time and we listen to the soundtrack lots at the house. I even told Dave that I want to take it to the hospital with us so I can watch while I'm in labor- haha!

Pitch Perfect 2 was not as good as the first one. It was good, it was funny and we enjoyed it. But you just can't beat the first one. I didn't love the music choices as much in the second one. I'm still glad we went to see it!   

Not going to lie- I'm starting to get nervous about these sweet babies.  I was talking to a friend of mine over the weekend who is also pregnant and she was saying she is scared about the delivery process. Well, right now I'm over that fear, I'm scared of when they are here. Like at my house. With just me and Dave. It is slowly hitting me daily that our lives are about to change- majorly. Forever. I'm totally ok with that, I can't wait to meet and hold these babies. But I am still scared about what it will really be like.  I am glad we took a baby class on multiples at CMC- it gave us some great tips and insight into what to expect.

Speaking of the babies, I had an appointment last Thursday and they were measuring at 3lbs 2 oz and 3lbs 6oz- ahead of where they should be which is great! My nausea and throwing up has come back and it is awful. I've barely been able to eat this week. I am just hoping it doesn't last the rest of the pregnancy.


This past weekend I went to Isle of Palms with my high school best friends and it was amazing. I almost didn't go because of how bad I had been feeling, but I am so glad I went. It was so nice to have a lazy weekend with girlfriends. We just sat by the pool or on the beach, cooked in, read books and watched TV.  One of the other girls is also pregnant with her first and one is getting married this fall, so we had a wide variety of conversations! I love these girls so much and am so glad we've stayed close over the years. 

so lucky to have them in my life!


I can't wait for this weekend! My mother in law and family friends are throwing me a shower this Sunday and I'm so excited to see everyone and celebrate the babies.  

Hope everyone has a great Thursday! 


J.Crew Baby

I am having the hardest time not buying clothes for the twins! They already have so much and I still have two showers coming up. J.Crew has had some super cute little pieces. I had to get this romper for baby boy- it was just too cute and he has less than baby girl right now because I've gotten a lot of hand me downs for her!

I am loving that lightening bolt onsie- I think either could wear it! And I'm sucker for gold, so I love those pieces with gold on it for her. I have mainly shopped for them at Target, Gap & Old Navy (only with 40% off!). Any other places I need to check out? 

j.crew baby

(click board or outfit to shop!)


bump update: 28 weeks

How far along? 28 weeks this past Saturday- babies will be here in 10 weeks or less! 

Total weight gain: not sure! 

Maternity clothes? I still haven't been able to find any good white jeans! But it is getting HOT here, so I'm looking for more dresses. LOVE this dress I got at Destination Maternity. I got this dress from Anthro and the two dresses below from Loft- non maternity! 

Primary Image of Striped Swing Dress Primary Image of Short Sleeve Trapeze Dress

Stretch marks? yesss

Sleep: not too bad

Best moment this week: Seeing construction progress on my new office! I really want the project done before the babies arrive, so this is huge. 

Miss Anything?  oysters and champagne

Movement: Yup, lots

Baby Size: my app says 2ish pounds each

Food cravings: lemonade/orange soda, Lucky Charms

Anything making you queasy or sick: Yes- same old same old, certain proteins/veggies. But I did eat chicken and steak and veggies the past few days!

Gender: boy and girl!

Nursery: DONE and I'm in love! Its perfect. 

Labor Signs: Nope

Symptoms: Heart burn/indigestion, headaches
, carpal tunnel syndrome...queasiness and nausea has come back. 

Wedding rings on or off? off

Looking forward to: We have another ultrasound this week! But not so fun that with that appointment is the diabetes test. I had it a week ago, but threw up in the middle of it so I have to try again. NOT looking forward to that! 


friday five: may 15

one. I just added some new spring/summer pieces to the website! I plan to keep adding items throughout the day and over the weekend so go have a look!

two. Tomorrow is the day!! Dave & I are heading to see Pitch Perfect 2! I prebought our tickets earlier this week for the movie theater uptown so I could pick our seats. I loved the first one, so I can't wait to see the second one.

(via google)

three. Construction for our addition has started and I am so excited! I first mentioned it here and below is what outside looks like currently. It was a carport and now it will be a bedroom/bathroom/closet! Lets just cross our fingers it gets done before the twins arrive. 

four.  Dave & I have been watching Bloodline on Netflix and I can't wait to know what happens in the end! They have teasers (flash forwards) all throughout so you know some of it, but not the how or why. I love when we can find a show that we both agree on.

five. I am in my third trimester now with the twins! The end is in sight and they'll be here before we know it. I have two baby showers coming up and can't wait to celebrate these munchkins with friends and family!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


twin nursery: final reveal

I had a feeling when we started this room that it would be my favorite. And it is! I am so in love with this room. It is everything I wanted for our nursery...neutral, a little boho, functional, serene, etc. 

I really couldn't have done it without Beth. She has this way of taking my thoughts and actually turning them into something and then adding her spin on it to pull it all together.  I knew I wanted neutral and boho...but had no idea where to start.  

I can't thank her enough for everything she did for this room! The mobiles are one of my favorite things and she spent so much time making them and doing them just right. I don't know if I would have had the courage to attempt the DIY lucite rods without her support.  And I know my gallery wall wouldn't look that good, nor would my shelves! 

So....here is what you all really want- the pictures!





(photos by Ariana Clare)


Fabric for Glider (glider was my sister's!)

Wire Baskets (diapers & laundry) / Shelves 

Pom Pom Garland / Gold E & J from Hobby Lobby

Read more about it on Beth's blog here and here

I can't wait to bring my sweet babies home to this room! 


home organization wall

home organizing

We have been trying for awhile to find the best spot to keep our mail/cards/etc. We used to have a bulletin board up by our pantry, but then we redid the kitchen (in the fall!) and have not had a place since then. Every single day, Dave asks about the mail. We have no designated place- sometimes I put it on my desk, on the couch, on the counter, etc. It sound silly, but I really want a designated mail spot!

I also have a stack of save the dates and party invitations that I want to display and have no where to put them. Minor problem :)

I think we have finally agreed on a wall- it is in the sunroom, but right by the kitchen. I've seen a lot of already made organization pieces, but think I want to create this wall piece by piece.  I love the fabric covered bulletin board we did in the nursery and think I want to do one for this wall. Minted has awesome choices!

I can't wait to get this all hung! 


friday five: may 8

Today I'm sharing 5 things you need to go check out/read!

one. A letter to the Motherless Daughters on Mother's Day.

two. You must go check out Beth's blog post about our twin nursery! I'll be sharing more on my blog next week.

(photo by Ariana Clare)

three. Want to win an amazing giveaway for Mother's Day?! Go check out Charlotte Smarty Pants!

four. I posted earlier this week about my baby registry- be sure to leave me any tips/advice you have!

five. My sister has the BEST style! She shared her outfits from her trip to NYC on her blog and I so wish I could have her dress me every day. Soon she'll be offering styling services and I can't wait to share more about that with y'all! 

Have a great weekend y'all!


baby registry

baby gear

I have edited, changed, updated, deleted our baby registry 1,000+ times.  It is so fun for me...for some reason! 

I decided to do a Baby List after seeing them ALL OVER my Pinterest and other blogs. I guess their marketing worked! But I also did it because I kept seeing cute things from small businesses that I wanted over things at a big box store. Now it is all in one place! 

I also registered for a TON of stuff because I know when I'm shopping for gifts I like options.  I also like unique gifts, so people can see unique items on my Baby List. Do I expect everything on our list? No way. But it is there so people have options and then I can go back and remember what I liked but didn't get.  We're also having twins...so double the fun, double the stuff.

I've read a few blogs and tips about what you really need two of versus what you can get away with just one of.  I'm following some of the advice, but also planning to play it by ear. If they both happen to be obsessed with the Fisher Price Rock'N'Play, I will get a second one. I'd rather start with one then have two and not use one. 

With that said.... I welcome suggestions! Especially in the following areas:
-monitor (want a video one, with two cameras)
-angel care/breathing monitor
-play mats/jumpers/swings (we will have a mamaroo to use)
-bath tub (going with PUJ for when they are tiny so I can use my side by side kitchen sinks)
-baby carriers/wraps

Here are some things I definitely want:

baby wishes

1. I plan to breastfeed, but with two I may need to supplement with formula or breastfeeding may not work out for us. A friend highly recommended this and I think it sounds like a nighttime lifesaver.

2. I don't want random people reaching and touching my babies- I've seen it happen and it shocks me. These car seat covers are so cute and have great reviews. I love these patterns. 

3. This nursing pillow looks amazing and I love all that it can do!

4. I did a lot of searching for baby books and these are a winner for me. They are short and simple, to the point. Just enough info and not too much to overwhelm me. 

5. Not pictured- the 4moms breeze. I did a lot of research and have decided to try this for the babies sleeping in our room at first. I like that the top part is a large bassinet so they can cosleep. A lot of the options I saw didn't have an opportunity for that. I look into many bassinets, cosleepers, etc and think this will work best for what I want. 

Any other must haves/didn't care about items?!


kitchen: full reveal

I started this post November 17, 2014....and now here we are in May 2015! My excuse? I got pregnant and I'm lazy. Honesty.  I really love how it all turned out! It was worth all of the pain and suffering I endured during the renovation time... :) 

(y'all- I used my fancy camera and clearly need practice...so sorry the pictures aren't aaaamzing quality)


barn door to the pantry

Wall Color: Revere Pewter

Barstools: World Market Paige Stool in Black
Pendants: West Elm (I can't find them right now)
Hardware: pulls and knobs
Pot Filler: here 
Backsplash: White Subway tile with dark gray grout

See before photos here and progress photos here

We still have not finished the area at the end of the kitchen where we plan to put in a bench and cabinets. With babies on the way who know when that will get done! But for now, I'm completely satisfied and happy with what we have!