my sister

I am really glad my sister started a blog! She has amazing recipes to share and great outfits. This has made it much easier for me to track down her recipes, where she bought something or where new to eat instead of texting her over and over for the same thing. Which I still do sometimes.

But mostly I love it because of her honesty.  Being sisters we have a lot in common, but are also very different people.  I like when she posts personal stuff and opens up about her reaction to the situation.  Because we handle things differently.  We react differently.  And it isn't always easy.  

Her post about my dad made me cry.  It was all so true...every detail...but all from her perspective, not mine which makes it so interesting to me.  So, if you need a cry...click here.  

I want to reiterate what she said about her friends...they are amazing. They are a blessing to our family.  I told her I didn't need them to come, I called one and said I was ok. They ignored me, walked in my front door, held me, sat with my dad, cleaned my house, etc. I am eternally grateful for them.  God truly put them in our lives for a reason and I hope some day I can repay them for all that they have done. 

And thank God for sisters...



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  1. Madeline, yall continue to be in my prayers! It's so great you have your sister to lean on right now and she has you! Prayers for peace and comfort over the coming days and weeks.