master bedroom: before

As I mentioned before, we are planning to do some updating to our master bedroom! MUCH needed updates.

Here are some old before pictures! I can't believe I'm sharing these- yikes! You can tell it is not put together and we were just making do. This duvet is actually just one from Ikea that I like to use in the summer. Our typical one is solid gray from Restoration Hardware. We plan to keep that and use it in the winter.  So it is important that anything we do the room will match that duvet and the new one for spring/summer.

The headboard is staying- I love it. The rug, bedside tables and bench are staying as well.  


This dresser is actually now on the other side of the room with the TV on it. That wall needs a low, long dresser. 


The tall gray piece in the corner is now in the nursery. That corner is where I want to put a chair. 

Here are some pieces and bedding I love...

master bedroom

This room is not a super high priority...but I do hope to finish it before the babies come. Or at least have a plan in place and maybe have ordered some pieces.  

And here are a few bedroom spaces I just looooove....

eclectic bedroom - Cuckoo4Design

Blue: Color Contrast

Perfect room, great for husband and wife if the pillows were there each individual monogram


  1. How exciting! :) It's always fun to get new linens and redecorate a little. All great ideas.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing how your bedroom makeover looks like! Maybe you could add some bright pops of color to the accessories to vary the blue-gray color scheme--I adore the cuckoo4design inspiration.


  3. I am such a huge fan of white bedding! Good luck with your transformation :)