five on friday: april 24

Helloooo Friday! This 5 on Friday is all about our home sweet home...

one. Our house is a disaster. And I suspect it will be this way for awhile.  Decorating and renovating are not easy, especially when you have no spare space or room to "dump" or store stuff.  I'm still trying to find a place for everything that was in our guest room, which is now a nursery.  Eventually my little office will become a guest room, so we don't want to get rid of it. Everything is over taking our sunroom and dining room. Our 3 car garage is packed full- with zero cars in it.  So that option is out for now.  We moved everything from my dad's apartment in there until my sister and I can sort through it and will have to store building materials there when construction on our addition starts.  I am not OCD or typically a very neat person, but this is driving me nuts. We are short a dresser in our bedroom because we took mine and put it in the nursery. So I have no where for some of my daily clothes- PJs, tshirts, etc- until we pick out a new one. Everything is in different bags or baskets, scattered around. 

two. Speaking of decorating, next room to update is our master bedroom.  We need a new dresser, I want to recover our bench, pick out new bedding and add in an arm chair. I'm so excited to get started on this and make it a nice, relaxing space before the babies come. I'll be sharing more details and before pics next week. 

three. Our carport addition hasn't started yet. And I could have the babies in 10-12 weeks (putting me at 35-37 weeks). Taking bets on whether or not it will be done before the twins arrive. I may or may not have told Dave that the twins and I will live at the Ritz if it isn't done when we bring them home.... :) 

four. The nursery will be done next week as it is being photographed for ORC! I am thrilled and can't wait to share the final room with everyone. I think it will become my sanctuary the next few weeks as the rest of the house is a disaster. 

five. I finally took some photos of our kitchen and living room to share! They are not the best photos, even though I used my nice camera. It is really hard to photograph rooms!! The light was not cooperating. 

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(quick iPhone pics)

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