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This past weekend brought to light one of my major pet peeves...price gauging. This is not just about the Lilly for Target stuff, but in general.  

Saturday Dave and I were out running errands and popped into a few home stores to look for items for our bedroom, the nursery and my new office.  In one of the booths inside one of my favorite stores was a pair of lamps. Not just any lamps, the exact lamps that Beth had brought to my house for me to look at for our living room. They were from Home Goods. I believe they were $50-$60 each. While I loved them, they didn't work in the room so she returned them. This booth was selling them from $275 for the pair. And I know that they were the EXACT ones from Home Goods because I had a picture to compare.  

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Also while shopping at this store, one booth had a gold Target tray for sale- exactly like one I have and bought for around $20. They were selling it for $45 and had even left the Target Threshold sticker on the bottom.  This made me really think about what I am buying when I see it in these cute booths.  I always thought it was fun finds from yard sales, flea markets, vintage pieces, etc.  At anther store a few weeks ago, a booth was selling a tray for $70 that Beth had brought to my house my from Home Goods for $20.  I recognize that the people running the booths need to make money and that it is their job.  But it was disappointing to me to see this.

Since finding out I am having a baby girl, I have taken interest in lots of cute little girl clothing shops on Instagram and Facebook.  One line I love is Sweet Honey.  But it is impossible to get a dress! They sell out within seconds of launching and then some people immediately sell the dress for twice what they paid, if not more. I refuse to pay that.  Its so sad (#firstworldissues) that I can't get a dress for Eloise, because people are doing it make a quick buck off desperate moms.  

And I think that is what happened with Lilly for Target as well. People knew that some people would be desperate to buy pieces at any cost. So they bought it all as fast as they could to then resell it at a mark up.  Its just sad.  I was able to buy one dress online for Eloise before the site crashed and my friend Katie got her 3 outfits at her store in Colorado.  There is nothing I needed badly enough to pay twice the price of.  

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Eloise's Lilly for Target finds coming from Colorado!

Ok Monday pet peeve rant is over now.... hope everyone has a great day!

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  1. I was telling my husband on Sunday I didn't think it was right for people to buy racks of Lilly stuff just to sell it for triple the price on ebay. I don't care about Lilly at all but it's just wrong. He being a typical man said Target doesn't care, they sold everything in minutes. That's all that matters to them. I'm sure that is true but they should of had a limit how much ppl can buy. I heard ppl were carrying racks of clothing out to their car, not even caring what size anything was. I just hope people aren't stupid enough to pay triple the price for a less quality version of Lilly off ebay when you can buy real Lilly for the same price.
    Ally - Life as I know it