the great diaper bag debate

I think picking a diaper bag is going to be one of the hardest decisions for me! (I wish I had a bunch emoticons to use right now....)

A few questions for mommas out there:

-do you think you need a bottle pocket on the outside?
-do you have or wish you had a crossbody?
-am I way overthinking this?!

I know with two babes I'm going to have my hands full. I want my diaper bag to be cute so I can use it daily as my purse, but light weight so it doesn't weigh me down and most of all functional. 

diaper bag

The MARC by Marc Jacobs Eliza Baby bag was my top choice for awhile. I just don't love having the name "Marc Jacobs" stitched all over, but it is fairly subtle. 

I used to always say I was going to splurge and get the LV Neverfull, but now that the time is here I've changed my mind. I do want one of those bags one day, but not for my diaper bag. I'd be worried that I would ruin it!

The St. Anne Diaper Bag from Barringtons Gifts would be a good second to the LV tote. But there is no crossbody or outside bottle pocket. 

This Rebecca Minkoff bag is now my top choice.  It has outer pockets and a crossbody. It also looks like a great, basic, neutral bag.

Any other suggestions?!

Pampers & Pearls


  1. The Marc Jacobs is my favorite! I decided along time ago when it's time for a diaper bag that will be it. But I'm sure I'll change my mind a bunch!
    Ally - Life as I know it

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