friday five: march 27

Happy Friday y'all!!

one. Thanks so much for the sweet comments and emails yesterday on the post about my dad. As I mentioned, we are so lucky for such sweet friends and family.

two. I have a hair appointment today and I am SO excited. I'm growing my hair out, so no cut, but I am getting some serious blonde highlights. I am naturally a dirty blonde, but growing up always naturally had really blonde hair. I miss it! Whyyyy does hair get darker as you get older?!

If you are a blond hair girl, this hairstyle can be a perfect choice to give you a fabulous look for the new season. It is really amazing when different blond shades mixed together on your hair.
love this look from pinterest!

three. Tomorrow I will be 21 weeks and have a bump update to share! 

four. I have barely done any work since mid January when my dad got sick. I am slowly feeling ready to get back into it. Making jewelry is such a therapy for me. It is my daily stress reliever.  So I've missed it lots and am excited to be back in the office spending my days beading! I'll be dropping off new pieces at Scout & Molly's later today!

five. I can't wait to share details about the twins' nursery next week- big news coming! And I am so excited! :)  Here is the rug we got for a little peak:

Amina Ikat Hand-Knotted Wool Area Rug
from World Market but no longer available

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I had a hair appointment today, too, but I went darker! I'm so excited you are back to stringing jewels again. You have a gift and I agree that it can be therapeutic!