Lilly for Target

As everyone has heard, Lilly Pulitzer is collaborating with Target. I think it is great! Give everyone a chance to own some fun, bright prints! I've gathered a few of my favorites from the look book. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to brave the store or try for online. I wish it wouldn't be so crazy, but I know it will be. 

lilly x target

For Eloise: My little unborn princess NEEDS some of these pieces! Love the price for these little outfits.  It will be hard to just get a few. I just wish they had some pieces for my little boy!

For me: I love so much of what they have for adults, but will probably limit myself to just 2 or 3 items. I don't even know if any of it will fit me now! But I really like the cover ups, shift dress and those fun pants. That clutch is just adorable too. 

For outside: I'm constantly working on our outdoor area. We have a great fireplace and patio area. If we hadn't just bought an umbrella, I would be grabbing this one. I think the throw would be perfect for snuggling up outside and Poppy would love to lounge on that floor cushion. The chair would be great for the beach or catching sun outside.


poppy style over at charming in charlotte!

Be sure to pop over today to one of my favorite bloggers- Charming in Charlotte! Mallory and her super adorable little girl are styling necklaces from the new Mommy + Me line. This is exactly what I envisioned when I designed the line! 

(image via Charming in Charlotte)

Can you handle that cuteness?!?!


bump update: 21 weeks

Holy Moly! Well over half way- pheeew. I am happy to say that this past week was the first time I was actually enjoying being pregnant. I have been EXCITED about the babies the entire time, but have felt horrible. So I finally feel better for the most part and am embracing my large bump. 

How far along? 21 weeks 

Total weight gain: 2 pounds

Maternity clothes? Yes- I loveeee them! Purchased a maternity bathing suit too, which I don't hate. Its just a black tankini.

Stretch marks? Not yet...trying to remember to use my belly oil

Sleep: Not too bad, I have trouble falling asleep due to some stress I think and then I wake up throughout the night to pee, but can usually fall back to sleep.

Best moment this week: Getting to see the little ones during my anatomy scan! It was about an hour long, so we had plenty of time to see them and all of their little parts. I was a little disappointed the tech didn't get us any good pictures of them, but she was focused on getting all the measurements she needed. 

Miss Anything?  Just feeling like myself. 

Movement: Yes! I love feeling them move. Can't wait for Dave to feel them.    

Food cravings: Still loving strawberry/banana smoothies! Now also loving "egg in a frame" for dinner- Dave makes it for me :) Also love vanilla ice cream with chocolate magic shell and rainbow sprinkles!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still pretty picky about meats/protein, but if it is in a dish (like a casserole) or fried (like chicken) its fine.     

Gender: boy and girl! :) :) 

Labor Signs: Nope   

Symptoms: Heart burn/indigestion- super annoying! I get out of breath super easily these days. Tired easily! 

Wedding rings on or off? On, but I think they'll be off soon. My fingers are getting swollen.

Looking forward to: Babymoon! We are planning it now and I am so ready/excited for it!

(pic to come!)


friday five: march 27

Happy Friday y'all!!

one. Thanks so much for the sweet comments and emails yesterday on the post about my dad. As I mentioned, we are so lucky for such sweet friends and family.

two. I have a hair appointment today and I am SO excited. I'm growing my hair out, so no cut, but I am getting some serious blonde highlights. I am naturally a dirty blonde, but growing up always naturally had really blonde hair. I miss it! Whyyyy does hair get darker as you get older?!

If you are a blond hair girl, this hairstyle can be a perfect choice to give you a fabulous look for the new season. It is really amazing when different blond shades mixed together on your hair.
love this look from pinterest!

three. Tomorrow I will be 21 weeks and have a bump update to share! 

four. I have barely done any work since mid January when my dad got sick. I am slowly feeling ready to get back into it. Making jewelry is such a therapy for me. It is my daily stress reliever.  So I've missed it lots and am excited to be back in the office spending my days beading! I'll be dropping off new pieces at Scout & Molly's later today!

five. I can't wait to share details about the twins' nursery next week- big news coming! And I am so excited! :)  Here is the rug we got for a little peak:

Amina Ikat Hand-Knotted Wool Area Rug
from World Market but no longer available

Have a great weekend!!


my dad

I want to be as open as I can be here- I've shared about my pregnancy, my mom, life, business, etc. Two weeks ago my dad passed away after his brief, but courageous battle with brain cancer.  To say that we are heartbroken is an understatement. 

When he was diagnosed in January, we knew that it was terminal. But had no idea it would happen this quickly.  It happened almost exactly a week after he was released from Carolinas Rehab. He had been doing really well. He was living with me and Dave and we had the best week. I am so thankful for that week and so glad that he was at home with me and not in a hospital. 

I can honestly say that my sister and I (with our husbands and kids) were his whole world. He was a dedicated dad and grandpa. We were always his first priority. I feel so lucky to have had such a wonderful dad. It hurts to know that my twins won't get to meet him and know how wonderful he was, but I know we will have plenty of stories to share with them.

My dad and I have always been close- growing up we had Saturday lunch dates, he always came to my games, we went to Panthers games and UNC games together, etc. I was always a little tag-along with him.  We grew even closer when my mom died 6 1/2 years ago.  I lived with him for about a year after, before moving into my own condo.  We continued to stay close. He had the best time helping me with my wedding. He loves Dave.  The three of us had dinner together just about every Friday night. It was always so fun! I think one of the sweetest things was that he spoiled Poppy. He obviously was always buying his grandchildren birthday and Christmas presents, and he made sure to include my little baby girl! 


I am also so thankful for all of my family and friends. We have an incredible support system. We had friends and family travel from near and far to be with us, we have received more flowers, food, cards than I ever expected/thought possible.  



I know (from losing my mom) that it will get better, but right now it hurts so much. We miss him dearly and will continue to.



maternity clothes

I must say I am thankful that I don't have a corporate 8-5 job while being pregnant. I would need SO MANY more clothes. Working from home, I can wear yoga pants and a tshirt all day if I want. And when I do have meetings or go out and about, I can wear jeans and a casual top.

Here are a few things I've bought lately and am loving for my bump (which according to my doc is measuring at 24/25 weeks if it was a singleton, and I'm 20 weeks with twins)

Tops- A lot of my pre-maternity tops still fit. Not as many as I thought would, some are way too tight in the chest now. I just wanted some basic tops I could wear daily and dress up if needed. 

I have also gotten a few tops that aren't maternity! I buy as many of my clothes as possibly at Scout & Molly's because I always love the selection and LOVE the girls that work there. (and they sell Poppy Style jewels...) 

can't wait to find some good white jeans to wear this top with!
I have worn this top 3 out of the 5 days since I got it!
Jeans- Buying maternity jeans has been easier than buying normal jeans for me! I love the full panel- I think it smooths me out and makes my belly look the best.

Distressed Jeans (dark & light)

(I got one pair with a full panel, but these are the side panels- we'll see how it goes!)

Dresses- So far I have only bought one maternity dress. Luckily I have a great dress from last spring/summer from Anthro (seen in this post) that fits great right now and I love it. I wore it to church Sunday and I know I'll wear it again soon. 

I plan to wear this dress to Easter (with bright, colorful jewelry or shoes) and save for any parties or special events. I almost went down a size because it is really flowy, but then I think it would have been too stretched in the back/chest area.

I am still searching for the perfect pair of white jeans. I also wouldn't mind some casual dresses, but haven't found any I like. I tried this one and it was so long, past my knees. And I'm pretty tall! I also tried this dress- in two sizes- both way too big and super long. Not at all flattering, sadly. So far I'm pretty happy with everything I've found! Maternity clothes aren't sooo bad!


5 anthro favorites

My mom had a hand towel that said "A clean home is the sign of a misspent life." She also had one that said "The house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it."  My sister is extremely tidy and neat...I am not. I wish I was. I LOVE when my house is clean and ready to welcome guests. I keep saying I'm going to get better about it. But it seems my counter is always cluttered with mail, the pretty tray in the living room has a bottle of water, notebook, and other items that are not meant to be "styled" there. And inevitable I need to vacuum and dust.

I was browsing Anthro for dresses the other day and decided to check out the new home items. I would love to get a new bedspread and love what they have. Well, I stumbled upon some cleaning items. I mean, obviously if I had these pretty cleaning items I would keep my house tidy, right?!! :)

The only item here I think I would really, practically order, is the dish brush. But I do really like the dustpan and I don't have one, so I might would do that as well.

cleaning supplies
click image for links

How fun is that feather duster?! And a colorful broom? It makes my messy heart happy.


bump update: 18 weeks

This past Saturday marked 18 weeks! PHEW! Almost half way...I thought every once in awhile I would do a little update for myself to remember things. And I haven't done one since we shared the news! So here we go...

How far along? 18 weeks 2 days

Size of Babies: sweet potatoes- about 5.6 inches

Total weight gain/loss: Still down/no gain, I have an appointment next week and I guess they'll check there.

Symptoms: My all day long nausea is finally better! I still feel sick or get sick in the evening some before bed/after dinner, but definitely not as much. Tired and get worn out/out of breath easily. I also get heartburn which I've never had before.

Miss Anything? Champagne

Movement: Yes! I first felt them move Friday, February 27. It was such an amazing feeling. I don't feel them all the time/every day, but I love when I do and can't wait to feel more.

Food cravings: Strawberry Banana Smoothies, carbs, Dr. Pepper

Food aversions: I'm still feeling pretty picky. Meat/protein doesn't always sound good, but I did have my first steak in over 4 months last night. But just a little bit. Fish doesn't sound good at all, unless it is in sushi. 

Have you started to show yet: Yup!

Gender prediction:  Boy and girl!

Nursery: We had the nursery painted Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore. It is much more white than gray and I like that. We bought the crib bumpers and ordered the chandelier. Most everything is picked out, just needs to be purchased.

Looking forward to: Birth......yup already. Ready to meet these babies. I mean I know they need stay in longer (obv), but I'm ready to have them out. 

And I don't have a single bump pic...I've sent a few snapchats, but have no real photos. So that is on the agenda to get one soon so I can remember when I thought I was big, but was really small compared to what I will be. 


the great diaper bag debate

I think picking a diaper bag is going to be one of the hardest decisions for me! (I wish I had a bunch emoticons to use right now....)

A few questions for mommas out there:

-do you think you need a bottle pocket on the outside?
-do you have or wish you had a crossbody?
-am I way overthinking this?!

I know with two babes I'm going to have my hands full. I want my diaper bag to be cute so I can use it daily as my purse, but light weight so it doesn't weigh me down and most of all functional. 

diaper bag

The MARC by Marc Jacobs Eliza Baby bag was my top choice for awhile. I just don't love having the name "Marc Jacobs" stitched all over, but it is fairly subtle. 

I used to always say I was going to splurge and get the LV Neverfull, but now that the time is here I've changed my mind. I do want one of those bags one day, but not for my diaper bag. I'd be worried that I would ruin it!

The St. Anne Diaper Bag from Barringtons Gifts would be a good second to the LV tote. But there is no crossbody or outside bottle pocket. 

This Rebecca Minkoff bag is now my top choice.  It has outer pockets and a crossbody. It also looks like a great, basic, neutral bag.

Any other suggestions?!

Pampers & Pearls