a weekend recap

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! We sure did! We don't typically do anything (or much) for Valentine's Day. I always tell Dave he can buy flowers before or after when they are cheaper! But he surprised me with beautiful red roses on Friday. We stayed in and enjoyed Papa John's pizza and caught up on some shows. 

I hinted (strongly) that I wanted Krispy Kreme heart shaped donuts or a Chick-fil-A heart shaped biscuit and he delivered on that. I woke up to a heart shaped donut in bed Saturday morning and the sweetest card. I definitely felt loved and spoiled. But I admit, I feel loved by him all the time! Saturday afternoon we went to Buy Buy Baby to start our registry and look at the stroller we want in person. My dad is treating us to the stroller and I think we are going to purchase it this week! We stayed in and watched the movie Valentine's Day. Perfect day in my opinion. 

so excited about our stroller!

My dad has been in the hospital since Tuesday for a number of reasons, all related to his brain surgery and brain tumor. Josephine and I each spent a good portion of our weekend (and past week) there with him.  It gets tiring just sitting around! Who would have thought?! My sweet friends brought my dad and me Groucho's for lunch on Saturday which brightened our day! We are so lucky to be surrounded by good family and friends, as well as our churches. Monday he was moved to Carolinas Rehab, connected to CMC Main where he has been. He will most likely be there for 3 weeks working on therapy (speech, occupational, physical) to get strong enough to go home. While he is there he will have 2 weeks of radiation. We have been so lucky to have wonderful doctors. They have a great plan in place and have been there for us. His radiation oncologist (he was also my mom's doctor) even called me (himself) on my cell yesterday after 5 to talk about what would go on this week. I wish all doctors could be like him!

Hope everyone has a great week! We are iced in for now, I wish it was snow!

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  1. Madeline I'm so sorry to hear about your dad being sick. You and Josephine already went through so much with your mom. I'll be thinking about you two and praying for your dad to have a speedy recovery! You seem like you have such a positive attitude with everything and I'm so excited you are having twins! I can't wait to see pictures of them in the double strollers!
    Ally - Life as I know it