thankful thoughts on thursday

When things are rough it can be hard to be thankful for things.  I have had a rough pregnancy (in my opinion and it is my first so I have nothing to compare it to). I am almost 17 weeks and still have nausea and am still throwing up. It is miserable. And about every other single negative symptom possible I think. But I have to remind myself how lucky I am to be pregnant. I prayed for years to get pregnant. And so many women are still trying. I am thankful to be pregnant. I am thankful that my twins are healthy. They are growing and right where they should be. I miss being able to eat and not get sick. But I know it is all worth it- so worth it. I can't wait to be a mom to these two little munchkins! 

And now here are some of my favorite ecards about pregnancy and IVF... 
i would love to feel that way again and makes me mad for a woman to be pregnant and not to love every min of it because i would love it but it has been taken away from me 2 times now
Whoever said 'Money can't buy happiness' has never learned they can only have children through IVF!

The 30 Best Someecards for Infertility   IVF because sometimes you just need to laugh at it


outfits for boy/girl twins!


I can not wait for the twins to arrive! I am trying to not go overboard with outfits and buying stuff. Above are a few outfits that have already been gifted to them or that I have bought. I may be trying to subtly coordinate them.... Like the two anchor onsies and the stripes... What can I say?! I love babies in matching outfits! I'm extremely picky about boy clothes (and girl clothes too I guess) so when I find something I like, I want to get it. 

Below are some items on my wish list for the twins!

boy girl twins

I mean, I die over some of these items. I can't handle the cuteness. I think they have to have those best friend onseies for sure! Its all I can do to not grab my wallet and buy it all. But I won't...yet! :) 

What are some of your favorite places to shop for baby clothes?!


make up wish list

I like to keep a running list of all make up I want to try so that when it comes time to purchase something I just have to check my list instead of searching all over for something.

I get most of my make up tips from blogs or magazines. I like hearing what Lindsey and Kate recommend.

make up wish list

Here is whats on my current list:

Lindsey recommends this powder and I think it would be perfect for setting my liquid foundation. I typically wear liquid because I have dry skin, but like to top it off with powder.

I can never resist a new lip color! I've heard great things about this one.

I've been wanting to try this Tarte powder since I first heard about it months ago!

I've heard lots of great things about this new product from Bare Minerals.

I'm intrigued by this eye shadow- has any used it? 

The only time I used a brow pencil was when I get it as a free sample and I really liked what it did. This one seems similar!

I'm a mascara junkie, so I always like trying new ones. My current favs are Mac and Loreal.

Any other products I should add to my list?


a weekend recap

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! We sure did! We don't typically do anything (or much) for Valentine's Day. I always tell Dave he can buy flowers before or after when they are cheaper! But he surprised me with beautiful red roses on Friday. We stayed in and enjoyed Papa John's pizza and caught up on some shows. 

I hinted (strongly) that I wanted Krispy Kreme heart shaped donuts or a Chick-fil-A heart shaped biscuit and he delivered on that. I woke up to a heart shaped donut in bed Saturday morning and the sweetest card. I definitely felt loved and spoiled. But I admit, I feel loved by him all the time! Saturday afternoon we went to Buy Buy Baby to start our registry and look at the stroller we want in person. My dad is treating us to the stroller and I think we are going to purchase it this week! We stayed in and watched the movie Valentine's Day. Perfect day in my opinion. 

so excited about our stroller!

My dad has been in the hospital since Tuesday for a number of reasons, all related to his brain surgery and brain tumor. Josephine and I each spent a good portion of our weekend (and past week) there with him.  It gets tiring just sitting around! Who would have thought?! My sweet friends brought my dad and me Groucho's for lunch on Saturday which brightened our day! We are so lucky to be surrounded by good family and friends, as well as our churches. Monday he was moved to Carolinas Rehab, connected to CMC Main where he has been. He will most likely be there for 3 weeks working on therapy (speech, occupational, physical) to get strong enough to go home. While he is there he will have 2 weeks of radiation. We have been so lucky to have wonderful doctors. They have a great plan in place and have been there for us. His radiation oncologist (he was also my mom's doctor) even called me (himself) on my cell yesterday after 5 to talk about what would go on this week. I wish all doctors could be like him!

Hope everyone has a great week! We are iced in for now, I wish it was snow!


Thoughts on Thursday: We're having TWINS!

Yes its true and we are thrilled! We are having TWINS! 

Due Date: August 8, but they won't let me go past 38 weeks and that date is July 25!

Gender: Lucky lucky us- one of each!

Were we surprised? Yes...and no. We knew we had an increased chance of having twins, it was not 100% or even 50% so we didn't think it was a definite but we were okay with the idea. So when we found out it definitely was twins, we weren't 100% shocked, but we were 100% excited! 

Do twins run in your family? I know many people ask this question to find out if the person had fertility treatments. Soooo...no twins don't run my family. And yes, we did IVF. I don't mind sharing it, but I do find it crazy how many people have flat out asked me if I conceived the twins naturally. 

When did we find out? We found out on December 1!

How have I been feeling? Terrible. Excited and happy to be pregnant. But physically terrible...I've had every single side effect. Nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, tiredness, etc. Serious food aversions that make it hard to eat, but if I go too long without food I feel worse. 

Do you have names picked out? Yes and no. We have a girl name...that I love and Dave is growing to love! We can't decide on a boy name just yet, but do have some favorites. 

How does Dave feel about it? Dave is beside himself with joy! Seriously. He wanted triplets... EEK! He has been amazing and so supportive with all of my symptoms and hormones. I am incredibly lucky and thankful for him!

Thank you all so so much for the well wishes! We are so happy and excited!  

And if you are someone who is still trying to conceive, my thoughts are with you. I know it is so tough to hear someone is pregnant when you've been trying. We tried for years to get here, so I understand. 


a BIG announcement

I am so excited to finally share some exciting news! Dave & I are expecting...TWINS this summer! And with that I am thrilled to share Poppy Style's newest line- Mommy + Me.  Both are truly a dream come true for me (sappy I know). 

Here are a few of my favs from the line...click here for more!

And here is the picture I used to tell family + friends about our news:
Doesn't Poppy look thrilled to be a big sister?!


friday five: february 6

Linking up with NatashaAprilChristina and Darci this Friday!

one. I seriously have the best friends ever. My dad was diagnosed with brain cancer and had to have surgery last week. My friends have been so amazing and supportive. They've brought food, prayed for us, checked in, gone out of their way for us. I am so thankful for them!

two. The Bachelor has gotten crazier than I saw coming. OMG! Is Kelsey for real?? And Ashley I? I can't wait for Monday's episode. 

three. I made my first Willow Crowns purchase and it just arrived! I got these for my niece Hollins for Valentine's Day! Now I need to find goodies for my nephews and other niece, Natalie.

four.  Be sure you are following Poppy Style on Instagram because we have a fun and exciting announcement coming next week! 

five. This afternoon I am going wedding dress shopping with one of my besties and I am so excited. I love everything about weddings! Especially the dress shopping. I know we're going to have a great time.  

Have a great weekend y'all!