must see

Two movies I recommend you see:

The Wedding Ringer: It was really funny. Sometimes you just need to watch a silly movie and have a good laugh!! 

American Sniper: I wasn't sure I wanted to see it, but so glad I did. It was very moving. I knew it was based on a true story, but that was it. I didn't know that Chris Kyle had died in real life, so the ending shocked me. Hope that didn't spoil it- it has been everywhere since the movie came out! Even if you know that, it is still a great movie. It really made me appreciate everyone who is fighting for our country and all of their families as well. And I am so sad he died, because I think it would have been amazing to listen to him talk about the movie and his experiences. 

TV Shows:

Orange is the New Black: I finally started watching this and have finished both seasons. It was like a wreck you can't turn away from. It was more graphic than I like, but I kept watching. I like the plot and really find it interesting.  So I will most likely watch season 3 when it comes out, or at least try to!

The Bachelor: I can't lie- I love this show. It makes me laugh sooo hard. This is also the only time I ever get on Twitter, it makes watching the show so much better.

Any other shows or movies I need to see?!

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