friday five: january 9

Linking up with NatashaAprilChristina and Darci this Friday!

one. If you are in Charlotte you need to join Fickle Resale! I was lucky and won a free membership, but you can get a free two week trial if you want to try it out! It is just $30 a year and you keep all the proceeds. No fees! I have had a pile to take to the consignment store for months now and just have never have time to make an appointment and go. So now I'll just be taking quick iPhone pics and posting it all on Fickle! PLUS keeping all the money. This week I listed a pair of Dolce Vita booties, a Jack fur vest, a Lilly Pulitzer sweater and more in just a few minutes.

two. Over the holidays THREE of friends got engaged! I am so thrilled for all of them. Being engaged is so fun and marrying your best friend is the best thing ever. Tonight we are celebrating one of them! I can't wait! I LOVE all things wedding. I never get tired of talking weddings. 

I might need to grab these for tonight!

And for fun- some of our engagement pics from 2011!
engagement pictures by Kristin Vining

three. Lilly Pulitzer for Target. OMG! I think the internet went NUTS with this news on Tuesday. I must admit I'm excited! I'm interested to see what the clothes are like, I haven't liked pieces from past collaborations really. But I also like the accessories and home pieces. I can't wait to see more previews on Instagram.

four. Dave & I think it is time for a getaway! I want to go somewhere soon with snow (hoping we get a good snow here- I know I'm the only one) and then somewhere warm in the spring. Not sure we'll do both, but it has been fun to think of places. Any suggestions?! We are pretty wiiiide open!

five. I am so happy that The Bachelor is back on! It provides so much entertainment for me and Dave...laughter is good for the soul. How can you not laugh and be in a good mood during the Bachelor?! 

Happy Friday y'all!


  1. I didn't realize you can try fickle for two weeks for free! Do you arrange pick up since its local? I am so so so excited about lilly for target. I'm actually hoping for snow. If it has to be cold there needs to be snow!

  2. Your DV booties are to-die-for and I'm so glad that you are loving Fickle! I love popping onto the site at 8:30 each night to see the new releases!

  3. Your engagement photos are amazing.. They are adorable ;) I wish I lived in Charlotte to be apart of Fickle.. Happy Friday
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com