living room: making progress

I am so excited to have made some progress with the living room! I can see the end in sight. Beth came by and we made some big decisions!

First- how awesome are my new pillows?! I just love them. Beth showed me a pillow from Cotswold Marketplace that I fell in love with, but there was only one and it was expensive. She found a similar fabric online and we had a pair made!

The rug decision was the toughest. I have always loved cowhide and animal print. When I saw the price on this rug, I knew I had to have it. Even if not for the living room.  We decided to layer it over this rug for the living room. (I will note that Dave has not quite agreed yet...)

Picking end tables was another tough choice. I liked both options (option 1 and option 2).  I picked these because they were a bit bigger and I like the wood. (Dave does like these!)

living room

Once they come in I'll be sure to share pictures. Then we'll add some new lamps and style the tables and bookcase. I can't wait to see it all come together! 


must see

Two movies I recommend you see:

The Wedding Ringer: It was really funny. Sometimes you just need to watch a silly movie and have a good laugh!! 

American Sniper: I wasn't sure I wanted to see it, but so glad I did. It was very moving. I knew it was based on a true story, but that was it. I didn't know that Chris Kyle had died in real life, so the ending shocked me. Hope that didn't spoil it- it has been everywhere since the movie came out! Even if you know that, it is still a great movie. It really made me appreciate everyone who is fighting for our country and all of their families as well. And I am so sad he died, because I think it would have been amazing to listen to him talk about the movie and his experiences. 

TV Shows:

Orange is the New Black: I finally started watching this and have finished both seasons. It was like a wreck you can't turn away from. It was more graphic than I like, but I kept watching. I like the plot and really find it interesting.  So I will most likely watch season 3 when it comes out, or at least try to!

The Bachelor: I can't lie- I love this show. It makes me laugh sooo hard. This is also the only time I ever get on Twitter, it makes watching the show so much better.

Any other shows or movies I need to see?!


current favorite outfit

When I find an outfit I like, I wear it multiple days in a row! And wonder what I ever wore before I had it! This outfit has been on repeat, sorry for those that have seen me in it daily.... :) 

fav outfit

I don't have the vest in this white, mine is a brown/tan color, but it is the softest vest ever. I'm tempted to get it in white too! I am definitely ordering this shirt in more colors. I wish it came in white! The boots and leggings are two basics that I love and wear as much as possible in the fall/winter. 

I also love that this outfit is simple enough that I can really play around with jewelry. I can wear so many different necklaces, earrings or bracelets with it. 

custom necklaces (email to order similar!)

Can't wait to put this outfit on later today! :) 


friday five: january 9

Linking up with NatashaAprilChristina and Darci this Friday!

one. If you are in Charlotte you need to join Fickle Resale! I was lucky and won a free membership, but you can get a free two week trial if you want to try it out! It is just $30 a year and you keep all the proceeds. No fees! I have had a pile to take to the consignment store for months now and just have never have time to make an appointment and go. So now I'll just be taking quick iPhone pics and posting it all on Fickle! PLUS keeping all the money. This week I listed a pair of Dolce Vita booties, a Jack fur vest, a Lilly Pulitzer sweater and more in just a few minutes.

two. Over the holidays THREE of friends got engaged! I am so thrilled for all of them. Being engaged is so fun and marrying your best friend is the best thing ever. Tonight we are celebrating one of them! I can't wait! I LOVE all things wedding. I never get tired of talking weddings. 

I might need to grab these for tonight!

And for fun- some of our engagement pics from 2011!
engagement pictures by Kristin Vining

three. Lilly Pulitzer for Target. OMG! I think the internet went NUTS with this news on Tuesday. I must admit I'm excited! I'm interested to see what the clothes are like, I haven't liked pieces from past collaborations really. But I also like the accessories and home pieces. I can't wait to see more previews on Instagram.

four. Dave & I think it is time for a getaway! I want to go somewhere soon with snow (hoping we get a good snow here- I know I'm the only one) and then somewhere warm in the spring. Not sure we'll do both, but it has been fun to think of places. Any suggestions?! We are pretty wiiiide open!

five. I am so happy that The Bachelor is back on! It provides so much entertainment for me and Dave...laughter is good for the soul. How can you not laugh and be in a good mood during the Bachelor?! 

Happy Friday y'all!


living room updates

The house decorating slowed down over the holidays- obviously.  Now that it is the new year, I am ready to get back to it!

We still need to decide on a rug, end tables and get new lamps. I like this table and this table...can't decide! 

Here are a two inspiration boards Beth sent me that I love:

I think the rug in the first one is my favorite.  This bookcase will arrive this week and I had two pillows made in this fabric that I can't wait to see!

I can't wait to share more pictures soon! 


Christmas 2014 Recap


As usual I feel like Christmas flew by! It was definitely a busy one for us! Christmas Eve is also my birthday, so we always start with a birthday breakfast with family.  My aunt makes the best Eggs Benedict and we have mimosas. My sister also made me a cinnamon roll tree/cake! We always go to the Moravian church on Christmas Eve- one of my favorite traditions. Our Christmas Eve evening varies a little each year.  Last year it was just me and Dave- we got take out and then drove around to look at lights.  This year we hosted Dave's parents and grandmother, brother and sister-in-law, sister-in-law's parents, and my dad for dinner! I made it super easy on myself and ordered a Honey Baked Ham. Dave & I made a new dish- Gordon Ramsey's Gratin Dauphinoise.

Christmas morning we made our first stop at Dave's brother's house. It was Natalie's first Christmas! After breakfast and opening presents we went to my sister's house to see what Santa brought my nephews and niece. They are so cute at this age!

I loved everything I got for Christmas and my birthday! I feel super spoiled! My in laws got me this watch with a blue face that had been on my wish list for awhile. My sister always finds the best gifts- I spent the days after Christmas curled up on my couch with the amazing throw she got me. She also got me an awesome marble cheese board set from Anthropologie- can't find it online!

I need to take better pictures in 2015 and use my nice camera, not just my iPhone!