I'm so looking forward to the new year! 2014 was great so I'm sad its over, but I always get excited for a fresh start. Dave and I will be staying in tonight like we typically do- we just don't love going out for NYE! We have before, but always regret it around 12:30 when we are trying to get home. 

Here are some of my personal goals for 2015:

-keep the house cleaner (I'd love to be able to have people stop by and not be embarrassed by the way things look!)
-do laundry more often so it doesn't pile up (I have to admit Dave does the majority of our laundry these days)
-cook more new recipes from my new cookbooks 
-stay on budget--watch my unnecessary spending. Which I have gotten better about I think!
-eat less carbs
-join a church: This was on our goal list for 2014 and we still haven't decided between two. 

(I hear Dave & my sister laughing at these...!)

Lets hope I can work on some of these, if not all of them!

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