I'm so looking forward to the new year! 2014 was great so I'm sad its over, but I always get excited for a fresh start. Dave and I will be staying in tonight like we typically do- we just don't love going out for NYE! We have before, but always regret it around 12:30 when we are trying to get home. 

Here are some of my personal goals for 2015:

-keep the house cleaner (I'd love to be able to have people stop by and not be embarrassed by the way things look!)
-do laundry more often so it doesn't pile up (I have to admit Dave does the majority of our laundry these days)
-cook more new recipes from my new cookbooks 
-stay on budget--watch my unnecessary spending. Which I have gotten better about I think!
-eat less carbs
-join a church: This was on our goal list for 2014 and we still haven't decided between two. 

(I hear Dave & my sister laughing at these...!)

Lets hope I can work on some of these, if not all of them!


happy birthday to me!

I can't believe I'm turning 29! One more in my thirties to get all those things on my "before 30 bucket list" done. Whoops! 

Here are a few that things I HAVE accomplished in my 20s.

1) became an aunt (4 times total!)
2) studied abroad in Australia
3) traveled to 14 countries in Europe with my cousin Jennie
4) graduated college
5) got a full time job 
6) bought my own condo
7) adopted Poppy
8) went on my first cruise
9) married Dave
10) traveled to Thailand & Japan with Dave
11) bought a house with Dave
12) started my own business
...and I'm sure other things I'm forgetting! But I feel really good about it all and excited to be 29!

Merry Christmas Eve y'all!!


poppy style featured

A big thanks to Stephanie over at Newlyweds:North for featuring Poppy Style in her small shop love blog post! I read her blog daily and adore it! It seriously always brightens my day, she is so funny and such a great writer.

Click here to read her post on small shops she loves!



I started writing this post Monday, but never finished! So....here we go!

Monday was my sweet hubby's birthday! I threw Dave a surprise 35th birthday party this past Saturday.  Well it was supposed to be a surprise. He had a work Christmas party that we originally thought was just a drop in for appetizers and drinks. But before he left he said he would be home around 10 (not 8!) because it was a dinner. So I had to tell him why he HAD to be home! I was still excited and we still had a great time! I made sure to have his favorite foods- wings from DD Peckers and rice krispy treats and bourbon. Lots of bourbon. We had 4 types of bourbon so everyone could try the different types.  I think they all loved that! :) 

Monday night we cooked at home. I made bourbon glazed salmon from The Fresh Market (my fav!) and truffled orzo with asparagus- my sister's recipe. It was amazing! It was easier than I thought it would be to make and we both loved it. Will definitely make it again!

Poppy Style also had a holiday show over the weekend. It went so well and appreciate everyone that came AND everyone who brought donations for the Charlotte Humane Society.

This Friday is the LAST DAY for any orders before Christmas. I will be taking a little break once all holiday orders are out so I can enjoy the holidays myself and relax! 

Hope everyone is having a great week! Happy HUMP Day!


holiday gift guide: for the hostess

I love to entertain people at our house- especially now that our kitchen is done. I'm always looking for fun little items to enhance my entertaining environment :) 

Here are a few things that would make perfect holiday hostess gifts or a great gift for any friends or family that love to entertain!

gifts for the hostess

1. Tortoise Wine Bucket ($45)

2. Gold Glitter Cheese Spreaders ($22)

3. Gold Stemless Wine Glasses ($19)

4. Acrylic Cocktail Napkin Holder ($24)..this is on my personal wish list too!

5. Be Jolly Party Props ($17)

6. Fun Matches ($5-$10)

7. Gold Geo Wine Stoppers ($39 for 4, or you can by individually)

8. Enchanted Animal Bottle Opener ($20)

(click above images for links!)


holiday gift guide: gifts under $100

Here are a few gifts that could be great for lots of different people on your list! From moms, dads, siblings, cousins, friends, etc....these gifts could suit just about anyone!

gift ideas under $100

Obviously some are a bit more girly, so they aren't all gender neutral!

1) Tiger Print by Megan Carn $35
2) Nixon Watch $95
6) Python Tray $40
7) The Bar Book $20
8) Candle $24-$36
10) FitBit $99
11) Bluetooth Speaker $100

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