weekend review

Did everyone have a good weekend?! We did!

Friday day and night I worked my little tail off to fill all the orders I got after Ashley & Natalie shared my jewelry! My dad and Dave went out for our usual Friday dinner and I stayed home to work, but they were sweet enough to bring me take out. I am so thankful for all the orders I received and excited to be so busy! If you're interested, Christmas orders need to be placed by December 5!


Saturday I woke up, started working and then took a break to hit up the bead shop and then visit with a girlfriend.  That night Dave and I decided to have a little date night and try a new spot in town. Locals, we went to Dogwood- owned by the same people as Dressler's. Just opened up near the Whole Foods! They definitely have some kinks to work out, but the space looks great and everyone was very nice. 

Sunday we had pictures for our Christmas card! I should say it was actually a mini photo shoot for me and Poppy, trying to get a good one of us for the website. I just made Dave get in a few so we could have one for a card. My sister's friend Erica took them for us, which I really liked since we know her and I'm very comfortable with her. 

black sweater from Anthro, Poppy Style druzy necklace, Jack vest from Scout & Molly's

On the kitchen front....looks like we might be able to start using it by the weekend! It may not be 100% done, but appliances should be hooked up so we can use them and start unpacking boxes. I went to the Container Store this morning and can't wait to start unpacking and organizing every space.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Normally I'm sad its Monday, but I have such a busy week ahead I'm glad it is Monday to get it started! Gotta love when you love what you do... :)

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  1. This must of been the weekend for Christmas card photoshoots! We saw so many ppl downtown taking pics! Do those girls really bring it a lot of business? That's crazy!