living room

Beth stopped by the other day so we could finalize some details on the kitchen and discuss the living room.  I just get so excited to hear her ideas!

This is the collage she sent me, but it may not make sense to everyone because it is parts of both rooms and includes some existing pieces.

Here are some changes we are making:
1) Get two round end tables instead of the mismatched ones I have now
2) New lamps
3) Add a rug
4) Add some artwork (this piece is top of my list- on sale at OKL)
5) Switch the placement of the two chests
6) Find a tall bookcase
7) Make a little cozy nook

Now for some before pics!

 that chest will move and we will hopefully put a tall bookcase there, that cream accent chair and art will also change

the chest in the first photo will go here

the couch, chairs, ottoman and curtains will stay

the wall on the left of the doorway is gone now! the wall to the right will get the wooden chest and a piece of art

Not photographed is the space where I plan to do the cozy nook! It will just be a chair and little table in a corner. I'm so excited to make these changes and really pull the room together. I love that Beth has similar style to me, but also that she can really put together things I never could. I really love that she gets that I am on a budget. She isn't sending me $500 pillows or $1000 lamps! Can't wait to share after photos!!


  1. Your house is going to look amazing! I love that abstract piece she picked out!

  2. I cannot wait to see what you end up with !!! And I love the inspiration board! Ugh, I want to re-do everything!

  3. Loving everything in that collage! I bet your house is going to look amazing!!

    <3, Pamela

  4. I love how it looks now and can't wait to see it finished!