holiday gift guide: stocking stuffers

I love buying stocking stuffers! I like to do a mixture of practical and silly.

stocking stuffers

1) Bojangles Seasoning $8.95 for 4 (easy to split up!)
2) Travel Dressing Container $3.99 
3) #TheSelfie $14.99
4) Get Sauced Cocktail Spoons $6.99 for two
5) Travel Mug $17.98 (set of 2, another item you can split up!)
6) Wine Topper $5.99
7) Business Card Holder $14
8) Matches $6
9) Bangle $28
10) Bling Wipes $12

Typically I'll buy one "larger" item, then a few smaller ones and then fill with candy. Really the only stockings I fill are Dave's, my own (in case Dave doesn't :) ) and my sister's, sometimes some other family members, just depends! Other items I've done for Dave's stocking before are a Tervis tumbler, socks, phone charger, earbuds.


  1. The selfie remote is too funny… but self-timers do the same thing right?? And those travel mugs are too pretty, great picks!


  2. I love the travel dressing container and the bling wipes!! The selfie is hilarious - I discovered last summer that if you plug in the headphones for a pic the volume control on the headphones will take a pic (at least on the iPhone).

  3. Omgosh you get the most creative award for the bojangles seasoning! Love your round up. And I have to give Stephen plenty of hints on mine too!