friday five: november 7

Joining up with NatashaAprilChristina and Darci this Friday!

one. The kitchen is still not done. Surprise surprise....  I am going NUTS! So ready for it to be done. We had to have the hardwoods in the living room and dining room sanded and restained along with the kitchen so that it all blended- such a pain. Today they are painting and hopefully installing appliances. I ordered these pendants finally- love them, but they have been back ordered and are finally back in stock.

these were taken last weekend:

two. Last night we had dinner with some good friends (at their house since we have nowhere to sit) and had the most delicious pizza! They got it from Pasta & Provisions- one of my favorite little local spots. I had never had their pizza though, just their amazing pastas! If you're local, try the pizza!! We try to have dinner with them regularly on Thursdays, it is a fun thing we enjoy and we always do it at home (theirs or ours), which is so nice. 

three. I went ahead and hired Beth to help me with our living room! I've loved having her help with the kitchen and slowly over time want her help with every room.  So I'll share before pictures soon and then some of our ideas. It won't be any major changes...trying to keep it on a budget! 

a quick glimpse!
four. New shows: Dave and I have started watching Scorpion- anyone else? I really like it so far! And I'm still loving How to Get Away With Murder. I've also watched Stalker, creeps me out what people do!

five. My sister has this sweater and I'm dying to have it. I might take the plunge today since it is now marked down! 


  1. I love seeing photos from the Kitchen renovations. I know it has to be hard to live with the construction and the fact that they always take longer than you think, but its going to be so perfect when its all done!!!! Can't wait to see the final product!! And then the family room!

  2. Your living room is so beautiful and bright! Makes me want to cozy up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa!

  3. How exciting! We're moving into a house soon and may need to do some renovations! I imagine I'll be anxious, too! Haha. It looks gorgeous so far!

  4. The kitchen looks amazing!!! Can't wait to see it finished!